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    Work specialization and unemployment

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    1. What are the advantages and disadvantages on work specialization? What is the influence on unemployment rates and why?

    2. Please elaborate for the following statement below:

    Brainwashing is a method of changing attitudes or altering individual's beliefs and some methods of brainwashing consists of torture, drugs, or psychological methods. Brainwashing could be considered a forced method of changing the way a person feels or believes. Normally the weak minded can be easily brainwashed into believing the same as others.

    3. What are the different learning methods used by your organizations (to force) new employees to know and understand the functions and customs.

    4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the metamorphosis final stage?

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    Question #1. What are the advantages and disadvantages on work specialization? What is the influence on unemployment rates and why?

    Work specialization dates back to the time of Adam Smith- the father of modern economics. However, there are advantages and disadvantage with it.

    These are the advantages of work specialization

    Work specialization allows a worker to be efficient in his/her assigned specific task. Through repetition of the same work the worker attains product perfection. A difficult work becomes easy and routine. A worker assigned specifically in a particular task (assembly line, for example) produces product at an extraordinary pace.

    Work specialization minimizes waste. An expert laborer working in an assembly line for quite a number of years is not conducive to error in the job. If it is, for example, in the glass bottle production a specialized worker tend to have a zero broken glass incident compared to a newbie who is still familiarizing with the job.

    Work specialization saves time. The astonishing speed that a specialized worker attains increases the productive capacities of factories. A skilled worker can finish producing a single product in half the time an unskilled worker does.

    These are the disadvantages of work specialization.

    The worker gets the feeling of being 'compartmentalized', meaning he/she becomes psychologically isolated.

    The worker is 'robbed' of the opportunity of being part of the conceptualization phase of the product to its full completion because the worker only looks at ...

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