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    Institutional Objectives & Values

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    Discuss why institutions have objectives. Then, explore the concept of values, both terminal (goals) and instrumental (the "how to" reach goals) values. Values represent basic convictions -- a judgmental element of what is right, good, or desirable. Note that understanding our values is important because values provide upfront motivation for our actions and serve as the "after the fact"evaluation of our actions. However, in order to understand their impact, values need to be translated into behaviors. Since joining a University, you have been exploring foundation values as completing each course. Discuss how the six foundation values (listed below) translate into behavior. Identify one or two expected behaviors or norms of behavior for each value. When identifying the behaviors, think about the following:

    a. How might you use norms of behavior?
    b. What behaviors have you changed or do you need to change to live Ashford values?
    c. Has your behavior changed because of the foundation values?

    University Institutional Objectives/Graduates should
    1. Demonstrate the ability to read and think critically and creatively.
    2. Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively in speech and writing.
    3. Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively through the use of technology.
    4. Demonstrate self-worth and respect the diversity in others.
    5. Understand the interdependence of life in all its forms.
    6. Demonstrate competence in their major fields of study.
    7. Share talents and resources in service to others.
    8. Are able to draw information from different fields of study to make informed decisions.
    9. Recognize learning as a life-long endeavor.

    Six Foundational Values

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    Institutions have objectives because these convey the reasons for the existence and operations of the institute. Usually, the objectives translate goals into more specific terms and are time bound. The objectives convey the direction of the institute. The objectives communicate the direction of the institution to all its stakeholders. The objectives also provide the stakeholders a yardstick for decision making. It also helps them evaluate the progress of their department. The objectives also help to develop tasks for the entire organization.
    Self-worth translates into confidence in behavior and motivates the individuals in their work. Specific behavior related to self-worth is helping others and providing support to the community.
    Creativity translates into innovation and new ways of achieving things. Behavior related to creativity include innovative methods of research and the publication of research ...

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