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    Time Warner Cable's Options for Growth

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    Evaluate Time Warner Cable's options for growth.
    Identify the core competencies of your organization and options for growth within the organization.
    Explain how these new opportunities can affect economic transactions between firms.

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    Write a paper evaluating Time Warner Cables options for growth.

    * Thriving in a highly competitive market segment, Time Warner's options for growth rotates around the two factors of pricing and packaging. With consumers demanding more value for their money, the channel offerings that Time Warner Cable provides can be packaged in ways that they appeal to a wider audience. Currently, one can see that their packaging especially for demand channels is factored by the amount of money their clients pay. Having a mix of one or two premium programs within their lower end packages can be a sure ...

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    This solution provides an evaluation of Time Warner Cable's options for growth. Furthermore, this solution provides an expert testimonial as to the core competencies of his own organization.