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Describe the Role and Function of Case Management

Answers are provided in the solution for the following questions.

1.) Describe the role played by managed care in case management.
2.) Model case management steps applied to a case. What would be done in each step in the particular case you're applying it to.
3.) List the components of assessment. Describe how you would assess the seriousness of each problem and the steps you might take to address them.
4.) Explain the difference between counseling and therapy. What do case managers do?
5.) Describe some resources available in the community and how they might be used.
6.) Describe the process of monitoring, including:
-Its definition and purpose
-The unique place of monitoring
-Client involvement
7.) Describe the following components of reassessment and outcome evaluation:
- Discharge Evaluation
-Tasks and Objectives

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Case management comes in many types of situations. What you appear to be describing in your post is an assignment that asks you to look at the role of case management and then describe and explain the various components of what a case manager might come across in their work. While the description (of what needs to be included) of the assignment is fairly straightforward, I would like to provide for you some additional suggestions to get you critically thinking about content to include in your assignment.

Firstly, in an assignment such as this, my first suggestion would be to ensure you are familiar with the layout your instructor is seeking. For example, is this assignment in APA formatting? Does this assignment require you to merely answer the questions in a list format? Are the hopes of this assignment that you integrate all of the information into a research-style paper with various references and citations? Whatever the layout and design of the paper, begin by constructing an outline in preparation to logically deliver the information required.

In the following, I will provide you with some of my thoughts regarding the different sections of your paper.

1) Describe the role played by managed care in case management: There are various ways in which you can elaborate on this question. The terminology "managed care" refers to the medical field. So, in thinking about the medical field, are there workers that conduct assessments, qualify clients for ...

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Case management comes in many types of situations. If you are looking for the solution to "what is case management" then you will find a detailed response in this solution. In this response, 7 sections are explained that will help you answer this question and also the response is applicable to the social services and sciences fields of practice as well as the managed care field. The solution includes 964 words.