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    Motivating Managers and Professionals: Positive Reinforcement

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    Identify several factors from below that you think would be particularly effective in motivating managers and professionals. Explain your reasoning.

    Rules and Procedures for Positive Reinforcement

    1. State clearly what behavior will lead to a reward.
    2. Choose an appropriate reward.
    3. Supply ample feedback.
    4. Schedule rewards intermittently.
    5. Make the reward follow the observed behavior closely in time.
    6. Make the reward fit the behavior.
    7. Make the reward visible.
    8. Change the reward periodically.
    9. Reward the group or team also.

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    For motivating managers and professionals, one needs to think beyond the strictly monetary rewards and find appropriate means to motivate. Among them first is to state clearly and succinctly what will lead to rewards. Managers and other professionals are busy and they do not have the time to try to figure out what gets them the incentives or promotion. They prefer to know up front and then they can plan goals to reach the incentive. Supplying feedback does help with this. The manager needs to know where they stand ...

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    This solution discusses positive reinforcement as a means of motivating managers and professionals.