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Affecting Intrinsic Rewards

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It is relatively easy for a manager to manipulate extrinsic rewards. Describe some of the ways in which a manager could affect intrinsic rewards.


Discuss how behavior modification operates to motivate employees. Why is it still important to understand people's needs when using this approach?

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Ways in which a manager could affect intrinsic rewards:

Employees can be motivated by employing intrinsic rewards. An employee can feel that he/she is given importance by the company if given exciting jobs even without monetary reward.

An employee can also be motivated intrinsically through "giving of a higher rank in hierarchy etc. all these rewards do not required to have increased salary as well and employee may be working at higher management rank without an increase in the salary and still more motivated" (Fazal, 2011).

Bainbridge (2013) said that an intrinsically motivated person will work on a solution to a problem because the challenge of finding a solution provides a sense of pleasure.
Giving certificates to employees who performed better can also be an intrinsic motivator for employees to work harder. (Note that a certificate costs nothing.)

Behavior modification and employee motivation:

There are two ways: positive and negative reinforcement.

Passas (2010) said that positive reinforcement involves rewarding a ...

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This is a discussion of how intrinsic rewards can be used to motivate employees and promote productivity in the workplace.