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    Discuss use and effect of positive, negative reinforcement

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    What could you do, as a senior manager, to make it more likely that managers would do what you asked them?

    How will you do so in such a way that the managers end up wanting to do coaching and enjoying it?

    Discuss the use and effects (including both short-term and long-term side effects) of positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, and punishment methods for achieving your desired outcome.

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    Role of Senior Manager in Shaping Managers Behavior

    A senior manager of an organization is key personnel who manages whole organization and responsible to attain all organization goals (Hess, Orthmann & LaDue, 2011). The success of a senior manager depends on the behavior of its managers as if they follow whatever said by managers, then only it is possible for him to attain all organizational goals. In this context, a senior manager could use proactive method to shapes the future of managers and organization in the following way:

    Always plan ahead: Planning ahead for an organization would precede the organization to accomplish all the required goals for the benefit of organization and fight with coming uncertain risks in the market. For example: In several cases, there are challenges with innovative products with competitors in the same categories of products that reduce the sales and decrease the consumer choices for old product as well. So, a senior manager could plan ahead for innovative product to tackle the competitor's challenges in the market and managers would follow it to plan and organize ...

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    The expert discusses the use and effect of positive, and negative reinforcements.