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    Apple Inc.

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    1. Identify the best value discipline for Apple Computer, Inc. and provide rationale.

    2. Identify the best generic strategy for Apple Computer, Inc. and provide rationale.

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    1. Identify the best value discipline for Apple computer, Inc. and provide rationale.

    The best value discipline for Apple computer is as follows. This particular company does excellent in regards to product leadership. One says is for a number of reasons. Management is focused in on innovation and marketing. Everyone involved makes it a worldwide venture by having a website and many stores for customers to buy their computers. Not only are those a hot topic within the organization, but now they are coming out with an IPhone 4 this month while partnering with Verizon. Internally, within this company, each person has to find ways to store all the data that comes in from consumers, so that no one invades their privacy as well as remain professional when they seek their assistance. All of this is needed because of the vast amount of products they serve on a regular basis around the world within their industry. Through this entire process, management collects data in order to come up with a newer and improved product in the next six months to a year. Once all of this is complete, one is able to consider new products and to become a leader in their market and others will choose to follow and increase competition to make their business differentiate around the globe for anyone needing an upgrade or for something more high tech.

    By having product leadership as Apple's discipline, ...

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