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Technology Choices for Medical Supply

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Information Management - View this video and then start your assigned paper...

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Please watch the video, on the left, before starting your assigned paper. This project focuses on information management.

Address the following areas:

> Please explain how you will be utilizing technology to make your business more effective and efficient.
> Explore the cloud technology concept.
> Discuss the importance of information technology planning and control processes to protect confidential information and prevent major loss of information.

This section should address but not be limited to the following items:

- Software packages you will use
- Networks- Internal/External- Cloud technology
- Hardware (PC/Laptop/Printer etc.)
- Email/Instant messaging programs
- Web Site
- Disaster Recovery Plan

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ABC Medical Supply relies on technology to offer clients or customers the best prices for medical equipment to be used in the home and in long term care facilities. Specifically, computer technology, with applications for a client database, medical billing and for inventory management are used by employees. While each has a varying degree of access, full access to client payment information is limited to those collecting payment or involved in billing to client insurance providers and to a small team of IT professionals employed full time by ABC. Applications used are designed to link the client database to medical billing, only if the client has insurance to cover the cost of the equipment. Otherwise, the client database links directly to an invoice application and inventory can be accessed from the database as well.

To manage billing for medical equipment, the organization will use ALD Data Systems DMERC, which is designed to be Medicare compliant and offers the ability to product a Certificate of Medical Necessity. The application is also HIPAA compliant and works with many other applications, such as those for inventory management and the client database. DMERC is compatible with SAP Business Objects. Therefore, SAP Business Objects will be utilized for generating reports, such as sales statistics and daily, weekly or monthly sales reports.

ABC Medical Supply will utilize Oracle for database activities, such as warehouse inventory of Medical equipment. Though Microsoft applications are available, Oracle EMC offers data backup and storage options, which become important with the use of cloud computing technologies. Microsoft office will be utilized for general functions, such as creating letters, memos, special presentations or reports for meetings. Both Microsoft and Oracle applications are also compatible with the DMERC client billing applications. Oracle and EMC are selected for ease of use, flexibility and to address issues of security. Because cloud computing is relatively new technology, there are some potential security threats that exist. "For their part, companies need to be vigilant, for instance about how passwords are assigned, protected and changed. Cloud service providers typically work with numbers of clients" (Binning, 2009). Oracle and EMC provide additional security features that ABC Medical Supply can apply, to ensure information in customer and billing databases is not accesses by unauthorized persons.

Cloud computing technology is the latest trend in computer data storage that offers plenty of benefits to both small and large ...

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The solution answers questions about technology solutions chosen for the medical supply company start up. It explains why each choice is selected and provides a brief description of how each choice is applied to the business case.