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    Preventing heart disease, influenza, osteoporosis cancer

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    1.What nutritional choices can an individual make to reduce his or her chances of developing heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis or influenza?

    2.What is the role of government in reducing chronic disease?

    3.What are some contemporary controversies related to heart disease and cancer?

    4.Are we a healthy nation? Provide supportive statements for your position.

    5.What are some resources in your community to help individuals who are diagnosed with cancer or heart disease? Discuss what services these agencies provide and whether there is a fee charged to individuals for services.

    6.What are some of the costs to society as a result of the high rates of cancer and heart disease in the U.S.?

    7.Does your employer offer educational events or services to help employees learn about prevention of heart disease or cancer? How effective are these events or services?

    8.What could employers do to help employees decrease their risks of heart disease and cancer?

    9.Is the media a valuable resource to help consumers improve their knowledge for prevention of cancer and heart disease?

    10.Are profit-based health testing centers located in malls and shopping centers beneficial to consumers who need screening for heart disease and cancers?

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    1. A rich supply of fruits and vegetables, in addition to a healthy balanced diet

    2. Make sure food establishments are following the law RE: food labeling, whereas 'junk food' or fast food often is made with 'bad fats' and other unhealthy choices. Food companies also are required to provide labeling for food content. The public benefits from adequate prevention education and activities, as well as quality medical professionals, offering preventive health screening.

    3. Herbs, supplements and alternative remedies and therapies are ...

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    An array of chronic diseases discussed and resuources available to handle a variety of illnesses are covered.