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Dietary Supplement

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Do you supplement your diet with added vitamins and/minerals? YES

Which vitamins (minerals) do you take? OneSource Advanced multivitamin & mineral dietary Supplement


What do you think these supplements do for your health?

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People take supplements for many reasons. A scientific study on this topic was published in 2002.3 In it, over 2,500 Americans reported on supplements they used (given the categories of vitamins/minerals and herbal products/natural supplements) and for what reasons. Their responses are summarized below:


* Health/good for you - 35%
* Dietary supplement - 11%
* Vitamin/mineral supplement - 8%
* Prevent osteoporosis - 6%
* Physician recommended - 6%
* Prevent colds/influenza - 3%
* Don't know/no reason specified - 3%
* Immune booster - 2%
* Recommended by friend/family/media - 2%
* Energy - 2%
* All others - 22%


* Health/good for you - 16%
* Arthritis - 7%
* Memory improvement - 6%
* Energy - 5%
* Immune booster - 5%
* Joint - 4%
* Supplement diet - 4%
* Sleep aid - 3%
* Prostate - 3%
* Don't know/no reason specified - 2%
* All others - 45%

Kaufman DW, Kelly JP, Rosenberg L, et al. Recent patterns of medication use in the ambulatory adult population of the United States: the ...

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