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    Hi, I'm currently writing the market analysis part of my dissertation. My dissertation is about launching a new dietary supplement product. This product is called Lutein which is a dietary supplement. Our body cannot produce this "lutein" substance naturally and it must be consumed via dietary supplements to prevent eye diseases. It is an ideal product for older people or people who have to work outdoor a lot (eg. farmers) or people who have to work using computers a lot as it gives off an array that damages your eye. This is product that is based in Thailand from a Thai company.

    So I was wondering if you could help me come up with a few questionnaire type questions to ask the general public to see if they may be willing to buy this product or not.

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    Q. Can you select the age bracket appropriate for your age?
    Under 21 21-59 60 and over Not disclose
    Q. Do you work outdoors or work a lot on computers?
    Yes No
    Q. Have you used any dietary or nutritional supplements other than multi-vitamin in the past year?
    Yes No
    Q. What are your reasons for taking ...

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