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Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire vs. self created survey

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What are the advantages of using the Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire as compared to one that you create on your own. How do you know that the Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire has reliability and validity?

Please answer each question and support your answer with reliable sources. Please do not sign out the problem if you are unable to answer the questions in the manner specified by me.

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The Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire is used to measure job satisfaction. The benefit of using a standard questionnaire is the fact that is has been tested and used over decades. If you were to create your own questionnaire, you will have to start from scratch. You will not have the historical data to back your questionnaire. In fact the MSQ has been in use in the long form since 1967. As well, this standard questionnaire has been designed such that it can easily be understood by anyone who has a 5th grade education and it is gender ...

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This posting will look at the advantages of using a standardized test versus a test that you created on your own. It also examines the reliability and validity of the Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire

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