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Explanation of change management practices

The Board of Directors at a large telephone company want its executives to make the organization more environmentally friendly by encouraging employees to reduce waste in the workplace. There are also expectations by government and other stakeholders for the company to take this action and be publicly successful. Consequently, the managing director wants to significantly reduce the use of paper, refuse, and other waste throughout the company's many widespread offices. Unfortunately, a survey indicates that employees do not value environmental objectives and do not know how to 'reduce, reuse, recycle'. As V-P Administration, you have been asked to develop a strategy that might bring about meaningful behavioral change toward these environmental goals. What would you do?

Diagnose the scenario to determine the most appropriate set of change management practices. Where appropriate, these change management practices should

a) create an urgency to change,
b) minimize resistance to change, and
c) refreeze the situation to support the change initiative.

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The first thing I would do is communicate to my employees the importance of having an environmentally friendly workplace and discuss the benefits of reducing waste. Discussing the benefits will allow employees to understand why having such a workplace is important. By educating ...

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This solution discusses the best set of change management practices based on the scenario at a large telephone company.