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    The Marketing Mix (4 P's)

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    Marketing and Sales Promotion

    I need help with answering the following: Indicate the type of sales promotion that a producer might use in each of the following situations and briefly explain your reasons: (1) A firm has developed an improved razor blade, but customers are not motivated to buy it. (2) A competitor is about to do a test market for a n

    Product planning and development process

    Write a four pages paper explaining the new product planning and development process. Be sure to include examples of products and services that you found on the internet to help explain the process. The paper needs to be in the APA format.

    Starting an Entrepreneurial Business: Presenting Business Plans

    If you have decided that you would like to formally start an entrepreneurial business. To ensure the success of your business, you will produce a business plan. The plan will assess, compare and contrast alternative schools of thought, cultural and political differences which impact the application of management activities withi

    Create a Comprehensive marketing plan for new deodorant product

    Creating a comprehensive marketing plan, using one of the product scenarios below. You will choose one scenario, and use it throughout the entire course. Within each unit you will be asked questions, and based on your company (chosen from the list below) and previous decisions you have made, you will add the additional informati

    Products/Services Failures

    Did you know that only about a third of the products test-marketed do well enough to go on to the next phase? The areas that are most often used as a "test market" include: Grand Junction, CO, Cedar Rapids, IA, Eau Claire, WI, Pittsfield, MA, Odessa-Midland, TX and Wichita Falls, TX. These areas have been selected because they a

    Pick a recent purchase you have made

    TEXTBOOK: Perreault, W. D., Cannon, J. P., & McCarthy, E. J. (2010). Essentials of marketing (12th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill/Irwin. Pick a recent purchase you have made. Identify the four Ps of the marketing mix as they relate to your purchase. What does each of the four Ps involve and how did the marketer of that produ

    marketing study guide questions

    1. As a rule, a firm cannot survive unless its organization structure satisfies the target market, regardless of how well employee and management needs are met. a. True b. False 2. All of the following are performers in a distribution channel, EXCEPT: a. Retailer b. Manufacturer or Wholesaler c. Specialist d. Consultant

    Four P's

    Assess a market approach Product X 4 Ps a service and existing product line up. For example, Best By adding The Geek Squad Sam's Club adding automotive service centers.

    Budweiser's Marketing Mix

    Provide an analysis of Budweiser's marketing mix (minimum one page) which should include the following: products, price, distribution, and promotion.

    Oshikandela Yogurt

    Question 1 1.1 Explain the factors that represent the forces governing the nature and intensity of competition within any industry of your choice. Question 2 2.1 Describe the product life cycle of a fast moving consumer good (FMCG)- Oshikandela Yogurt Manufactured by Namibian Dairies. Question 3 3.1 You are a mark

    Waiting lines

    You are the manager of a local bank where three tellers provide services to customers. On average, each teller takes three minutes to serve a customer. Customers arrive, on average, at a rate of 50 per hour. Having recently received complaints from some customers that they waited a long time before being served, your boss asks

    Marketing a New Product

    For your own organization (or another organization of your choice) describe a product or service sold. What is your marketing strategy? Who is your target market? Describe your marketing mix: product, price, promotion, and placement (distribution) Is your product worthy of the promotional message?


    Consumers make decisions to buy when they see a price that means a fair value to them. Some people pay over $50000 for a car and others will only pay $10000. Show some ways marketers can improve the "value" of the goods they sell (Example: the environment of where the product is sold).

    What is the Coca Cola Company promotional strategy?

    What is the Coca Cola Company promotional strategy? Why was it effective or ineffective based on the objectives of the promotional strategy? What is the Coca Cola Company pricing strategy? Explain its effectiveness or ineffectiveness based on the pricing strategy.

    Marketing Channels

    What is a marketing channel? What decisions do companies face in designing, managing, evaluating and modifying their channels?

    Marketing Mash-Up: The 4P's

    What rationale did you use to choose the option you chose for Our Town Photography? What changes would you recommend to the marketing mix for the Our Town Photography Premier Portrait Service? Comment on the following statement: There is a correct marketing mix for every product and/or service.

    Strategic Management and Case Analysis of McDonalds

    Second Strategic Analysis Case # 17, McDonalds and the McCafe Coffee Initiative This case is brief and focused as it is presented by the text/authors. However, there is much more to it than meets the quick first reading. For this case analysis, use the information in the text to define the part of McDonalds' business you w

    Channels of Distribution...

    As part of the Marketing Mix, Place, or Channels of Distribution, is important to understand. What is the difference between Direct channels of distribution and Indirect channels of distribution? It has been said that "channels of distribution may be the best opportunity for a sustained competitive advantage." Would you agre

    The Importance of Price in Marketing...

    As part of the Marketing Mix, PRICE, P, is important to the marketer. Yet when we look at price, it is more than just a dollar figure. What does price represent to the consumer? What does price represent to the marketer?

    Organic Food and Tea: Overview of distribution channels

    W3 Research. An overview of distribution channels: Channel Levels: Direct versus Indirect Distribution Channel Organizations: Conventional, Vertical, Horizontal and Multichannel Marketing Systems Analyze your target market's needs. Explain what you know about your target market and what they want from a channel of di

    Costs to expand the product offerings

    Please help with the following problem. Lake City Plastics currently produces plastic plates and silverware. The company is considering expanding its product offerings to include plastic serving trays. Which of the following are cash flows relevant to the new product? I. molds needed to form the serving trays II. project