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    List and develop a business idea for that industry

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    Select an industry from the following list and develop a business idea for that industry:

    -Food and beverage

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    Nowadays, industries are experimenting with new ideas to capitalize the available opportunities in the market (Healthy snacks, delivered by mail in serving sizes, 2012). Food industry is selected for generating business idea to seize the market opportunity. There will be discussion of research sources to show the market trends related to the market opportunities.

    Business Idea
    For beverage industry, small snacks that are natural and full of nutritious values will be delivered by mail in proper size. In this, consumers will have option to choose from three categories of snacks that are mini, classic and luxury (Healthy snacks, delivered by mail in serving sizes, 2012). All these categories will have different types of snacks items. For example, mini category of snacks will have fresh fruits, dried fruits, seeds or nuts. Classic category of snacks will have vegetable, bakery and savory. Last category will have sweet indulgences. Apart from this, a specific category for the enhancement of workout will be also delivered to the customers. This category will include nutritious items that are full of energy.

    Boxes of snacks will be formed to fit ...

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