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Current & Long Term Liabilities

I need help figuring out how to get the info and then put it all together.

Current & Long Term Liabilities
1. Select a publicly traded corporation which interests you that you would like to learn more about. Choose carefully as you will be "stuck" with this company for the duration of the term!
I would like to do Barnes & Noble bookstore. Is that a good one to choose, or do you have a better idea? Please give me specifics on how to find all of this information and such.
2. In an Excel spreadsheet, list the current and long term liabilities listed on your company's most recent financial statement and report their respective amounts. Use vertical analysis to report each item's percentage of total liabilities. Use charts and graphs in addition to the required list to creatively illustrate this information.
3. In a Word document, write a paragraph explaining the most significant current liabilities of your selected business and how that relates to the industry your business is in. In a second paragraph, explain the most significant long term liabilities and how they relate to the business the company is in. These paragraphs should incorporate the information you obtained from your vertical analysis on the Excel spreadsheet.

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