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The Marketing Mix (4 P's)

Marketing questions: the 4 P's and K-Mart/Sears

1. The average consumer scans a 12 foot section of retail shelf in about one second. Do the 4Ps of marketing apply in a world where it is increasing difficult to grab the attention of the consumer? 2. Is KMart/Sears around in ten years? Why or Why not?

Marketing discussion questions

Why is it important to establish the maximum potential for market demand? Now let's move on to babies and diapers! What would be the maximum market potential for disposable diapers? What forces would restrict today's market demand for disposable diapers from reaching the maximum market potential? What factors would help accelera

Marketing strategy:segment and design a 'mix'

Marketing strategy consists of selecting a segment of the market as the company's target market and designing the proper marketing "mix" that meets the needs of that segment. Discuss how this is achieved.

Asset-financing mix: Compute the expected return for an aggressive mix

A firm has $10,000,000 in assets. If it goes with a low liquidity plan for the assets, it can earn a return of 15 percent, but with a high liquidity plan, the return will be 10 percent. If the firm goes with a short-term financing plan, the financing costs on the $10,000,000 will be 8 percent, and with a long-term financing plan

Proposal: Organizational Behavior High Performance Work System (HPWS)

Overview: Assume for a moment that you have just been promoted to Director of Marketing for a medium size consumer products company. You report to the VP of Marketing who has made it known that there is a corporate initiative under way to design and implement high performance work systems within your area. Part of the concern

Toys R Us Pricing Strategy

1) Describe the PRICING STRATEGIES and TACTICS of Toys R Us using the proper marketing terminology. Pricing strategies can be simplistically referred to as above-the-market (higher than competition); at-the-market (same as competition); or below-the-market (lower than competition). You also can use terms such as skim pricing, p

Positioning and marketing ITO

Given that ITO is just one of many outsourcing firms in the United States, and also competes with many off-shore outsourcing firms, discuss with the rest of the marketing team how you would position it in relation to its competitors and how you would get your target market to take notice of ITO. What kind of image would you

EEC: Variable costing concepts

EEC currently uses a basic standard cost system. Management knows very little about other concepts of costing and the benefits of having multiple costing methods. Your superior has asked that you and your team put together a presentation to management explaining various costing concepts as it relates to EEC (explain the usage an

Some advertising and promotions has been the target of considerable criticism over the years. What specific types of ads and promotions are the objects of this criticism? What specific ad or promoti

#1 Some advertising and promotions has been the target of considerable criticism over the years. What specific types of ads and promotions are the objects of this criticism? What specific ad or promotion do you find objectionable? Give specific examples and explain why you find them in poor taste. #2 What prici

Marketing Plan

Can you assist me in developing a Marketing Plan for a health insurance company in a marketing outline form? I need to know I am on the right track.

Subject is accounting: Activity Based Costing

How does ABC costing differ from traditional allocation methods? What can an organization learn from the process of applying ABC costing? Some firms have a lot of fixed costs and few variable costs, while other firms are configured the other way around. What affect do you think the existence of a high proportion of fixed c

Business help: Activity Based Costing

What is activity-based costing? What are some of the key elements of activity-based costing? How does this method differ from a more traditional costing method? 350+ words

The date for the Woodland Nature Center's annual conservation symposium is rapidly approaching. The Symposium will feature a nationally renowned author on Birds, Birdwatching and Habitat restoration.

The date for the Woodland Nature Center's annual conservation symposium is rapidly approaching. The Symposium will feature a nationally renowned author on Birds, Birdwatching and Habitat restoration. Although the overall media mix is still being determined for the Center itself, you need to market the symposium NOW. Draft a plan

Media Mix: Egg Mc Muffin

You decide to use past experience with for-profit organizations at this point. Review the media mix used by an organization you are familiar with for a recent campaign. What benchmarking techniques were used to monitor the campaign's success? Describe the techniques(s) and what changes (if any) were made during the campaign.

Marketing Mix: Toyota Scion and Subway Sandwiches

Using Toyoto Scion and Subway, discuss the marketing mix and its 4 parts. In each company, how does each of the parts of the marketing mix impact marketing strategy/tactics? How is each part implemented?

Factors considered in making marketing decisions

1. List out all the factors considered and the decisions made in the process of marketing. 2. Summarize the three issues pertaining to marketing ethically. 3. Explain the contractual standards to product safety.

Marketing Definition and Application

Hello, I have attached an overview of the marketing course material that I am study this week, however I am having difficulty with the discussion questions at the bottom of the attachment as I have not quite gained a full understanding of the material.

Marketing Mix & Media Strategy

You are a participant in a Directors' meeting. 1. Draw implications that might exist for the media strategies of Resorts 123 from the "4 Ps of Marketing." (25 POINTS) 2. Explain why these elements are relevant and what their roles are in the overall success of the campaign. (50 POINTS) I am most concerned with your supp

Pricing Analysis

Apply what you have learned so far about marketing, especially Pricing methods and strategies, and review the pricing of the Segway as an intrinsic component of the marketing strategy for that product. Would your pricing and marketing strategies have been any different, and if so, in what way and why?

Promotion Strategy

In 2008, just a few months before the opening of the Beijing Olympics, Adidas launched a new promotional campaign. Evaluate Adidas' new promotional campaign and assess whether or not it will succeed. Please review the attachment for specific instructions.

Cultural differences affecting the marketing mix in a global industry

The world is shrinking rapidly with the advent of faster communication, transportation, and financial flows. The terms global industry and global firm are becoming more common. Explain how cultural differences, both domestically and internationally, affect each element of the marketing mix.

Factors in Distribution mix

List and explain the impacts of the three major factors impacting the selection of a company's distribution mix. Place refers to having the right product, in the right location, at the right time to be purchased by consumers. This proper placement of products is done through.

Economic Order Quantity: Order quantity

1. XYZ company would like to pursue the optimal quantity based on the situation that a supplier of a particular raw material is offering at five different prices, depending on the size of the order. 0 < Q < = 300 pounds => $20 per pound 300 < Q < = 600 pounds => 3% discount from the original price 600 < Q < = 1

Marketing Mix: 4 P's of marketing

Please answer the question below considering only 'Place' out of the 4 Ps of the Marketing Mix. Describe the key points of good or service as it applies to the piece of the marketing mix assigned to you (product, price, promotion, and place). How will your good or service be affected by other 3 pieces of the marketing mix?