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    The Marketing Mix (4 P's)

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    Mixed Marketing Questions

    1. What are the advantages of qualitative measurements when doing marketing research? What are the disadvantages? Be sure to answer both questions. 2. A colleague at your place of employment says to you that when it comes to the decision-making process within his company on a major capital equipment purchase, it's a frustra

    Analyze a Fortune 500 in the Service Industry using the 4P's of marketing: IBM

    Select a Fortune 500 international company in the service industry. Using your selected company as the basis for your research: - Describe the main line of business of the company - Name four of the countries in which the company operates - Explain, in detail, the implementation of the 4P's marketing mix concept by

    Marketing Discussion: Various Production Concepts

    Please help with the following marketing discussion question. Why are the production concept, the product concept, and the selling concept considered inferior, when used alone, to the marketing and holistic marketing concepts? When focused on exclusively, what are the production, product and selling approaches failing to con

    McDonald's Corporate Strategy (evaluation)

    ) From the case study and the McDonald's corporate website, what do you believe is the strategic plan for the company? 2i) What organizational strategies do they employ? 3i) How does the strategic plan influence their marketing efforts? 4) What type of marketing mix do they use to achieve their marketing goals? 5

    Managerial Accounting for Cost Producing

    See the attached file. Required: (a) Calculate how many bottles of each type were produced in the week with the highest production level and how many bottles of each type were produced in the week with the lowest production levels. (b) Calculate separately the cost of producing a single unit of each type of bottle when

    Product-mix Decisions with capacity constraints

    Local Steel Construction Company produces two products, steel and wood beams. Steel beams have a unit contribution margin of $200, and wood beams have a unit contribution margin of $150. The demand for steel beams exceeds Local Steel Construction Company's production capacity, which is limited by available direct labor and machi

    Marketing Concerns

    What are some of the considerations of a marketing manager when creating an integrated marketing communications (IMC) approach using the promotional mix components of personal selling, sales promotion, direct marketing, public relations, and advertising? 338 words

    Consumer Distribution Channels

    Chose a company that 1) creates products (not a retailer) that are ultimately sold to consumers, 2) is part of a market involving at least one other independent firm as an intermediary, and 3) uses at least two different sales channels (e.g., direct sales, retail). Your analysis of this organization should deal with the followin

    Concerns of the Marketer When Creating an Integrated Marketing

    What are some of the concerns of the marketer when it comes to creating an Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) approach via the promotional mix components of advertising, public relations, sales promotion, direct marketing, and personal selling? Select an advertisement to which you have recently been exposed. It can be

    Marketing Strategies: 3 matching of terms questions

    You know that marketers have traditionally classified products based on characteristics: durability, tangibility, and usage. You also know that each product type has an appropriate marketing-mix strategy attached (the effective use of the "Four P's"). In analyzing your company's product offerings, you decide to list each of t

    Answer questions about the marketing four P's

    In an APA paper, answer the following questions: Of marketing's four P's - product, price, promotion and place (distribution) - which lend themselves most easily to total or quasi-standardization? Of the four P's, which are the most important for global headquarters to dictate? Which should fall more under the control of

    Select a consumer item available today and analyze it using the four Ps of marketing. How do these factors affect consumers? What are some things that influence marketers? Solution in a MS Word document.

    Select a consumer item available today and analyze it using the four Ps of marketing. How do these factors affect consumers? What are some things that influence marketers? What influences consumers to buy a product? Discuss two products with which you are familiar. Select one product that is marketed toward you and one product t

    What does PRICE represent to the consumer

    The PRICE "P" is important to the marketer. Yet, when we look at price, it is more than just a dollar figure. What does PRICE represent to the consumer? To the marketer?

    Promoting a New Product Promotion Strategy

    Consider how to promote another innovative Californian firm's new product and in doing so demonstrate your understanding of a promotion strategy, and the elements in the overall marketing strategy, and how to communicate about a product. The Moller Skycar is not yet in production, and perhaps never will be, but assume that pr

    Graves Enterprises: Consumer Attitude & Behavior

    See attached file. In this scenario-based activity attached, please review the attached doc to review the scenario and read the viewpoints of the key employees in order to answer the following: 1. What are your thoughts about the Consumer Products Proposal? Will it work? Why or why not? 2. What are your thoughts about

    Geico's Promotional Strategy

    Geico's promotion strategy Promotion encompasses: Advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, publicity, and public relations. Promotional mix: Integration of marketing mix: Competitive advantage in promotion: Explain in depth to demonstrate your understanding of Geico's promotion strategy. 568 words, th

    Capacity and product mix decision - Graduate level

    Barney Toy Company manufactures large and small stuffed animals. It has a long term contract with a large chain of discount stores to sell 3000 large and 6000 small stuffed animals each month. The following cost information is available for large and small stuffed animals. Item

    Develop products and a marketing plan for an internet company.

    Can you help me get started on this project?? Thanks! ------------------------- Project Goal: Develop the background information on the industry and identify a particular target market. Then use the research to develop a marketing mix for the target market. The topics are as follows: Project A: AJX http://newproductc

    Mixed Accounting Questions

    2. On September 30, 2009, Webster Co.'s treasurer signed a note promising to pay $520,000 on December 31, 2009. Proceeds of the note were $501,800. (a.) Calculate the discount rate used by the lender. (b.) Calculate the effective interest rate on the loan. (c.) How much interest expense would be recorded for the month of Oct

    Marketing Mix Presentation for a New Beer

    Create a presentation introducing a new beer product. You will write a presentation that includes: 1.Situation analysis: List the PEST and SWOT factors, as well as your analysis, that are significant to your marketing mix and target market decisions. 2.Target market segment(s): Describe your target market (s).Why did you

    Should ACE continue to manufacture Product A or purchase Product B for resale?

    ACE Corporations incurs a $9 per unit cost for Product A, which it currently manufactures and sells for $13.50 per unit. Instead of manufacturing and selling this product, ACE can purchase Product B for $5 per unit and sell it for $12 per unit. If it does so, unit sales would remain unchanged and $5 of the $9 per unit costs as

    IKEA's strategic moves in the U.S.

    How has the strategic posture of IKEA changed as a result of its experiences in the United States? Why did it change its strategy? How would you characterize the strategy of IKEA today?

    IBM in Depth

    Imagine you were going to select and research an international organization with subsidiaries in several countries. Prepare research literature that examines the operations of the firm in at least two different countries. Please include: * An outline explanation of the chosen international organization o Missio

    Elements of Marketing Mix: Example Problem

    In marketing today, the customer is the focus of the marketing mix. Describe each element of the marketing mix and explain in detail how each is directed toward customers.

    The Marketing Mix: Pricing Strategies for P&G

    What pricing and marketing (target market, product, place, and promotion) strategies should Procter & Gamble Co follow? Defend your positions on why you selected the strategies you have chosen. The Situation To gain market share, P&G is lowering its prices. There are also a lot of conflicting signals as to whether or n

    Marketing: What should be the promotional and advertising mix for Anheiser Busch

    What should be the promotional mix AND the advertising mix for Anheiser Busch? The Situation NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- Anheuser-Busch has, in recent years, walked away from a $20 million deal to be Nascar's official beer because it said the money was better spent online; surrendered exclusive beer-sponsor rights with many

    Suggested Marketing Mix for Proctor and Gamble

    What pricing and marketing (target market, product, place, and promotion) strategies should Proctor and Gamble follow? To gain market share, Proctor and Gamble is lowering its prices. There are also a lot of conflicting signals as to whether or not consumers are willing to accept price levels that were in place prior to t