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    Marketing Plan for Internet Commerce

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    Can you help me get started on this project?? Thanks!

    Project Goal: Develop the background information on the industry and identify a particular target market. Then use the research to develop a marketing mix for the target market.

    The topics are as follows:
    Project A: AJX
    This is a website dedicated to selling products to donors, both individuals and companies in order to raise even more money for scholarships for underprivileged college students. Your goal is to write a marketing plan and to identify 3 products (other than coffee mugs and polo shirts) to be offered on the website. Some items are on the website as you can see. The AJX website is http://www.ajxfoundation.org/

    Project B: DAD
    This is a website that is directed at marketing the entertainment and nightlife in the Dallas area. Your goal is to write a marketing plan and identify any new and innovative marketing aspects for this website.


    Note that the component areas of a thorough case presentation are listed on the left column, and levels of performance are listed across.

    Written Marketing Plan (MP): The Marketing Plan represents only a part of a total business plan. The marketing plan addresses how to view the marketplace from a marketing perspective based on the marketing mix (product, promotion, place and price). Your will work on the marketing plan for ONE of the companies. The format MUST be in Microsoft Word, 1997-2003, Times New Roman and you are limited to 20 pages not including ancillaries such as the appendix, cover page, table of contents, and reference page.

    The sections of the marketing plan are:
    Cover page
    Table of Contents
    Executive Summary
    Background Information on Industry and company
    External Environmental Analysis Introduction
    Competitive Analysis

    CHOOSE TWO (2) of the following forces to address:
    Economic Forces
    Political Forces
    Legal and regulatory Forces
    Technological Forces
    Socio-cultural Forces
    Possible Target markets and segments
    Target Market
    Product and Brand Analysis
    Promotion Analysis
    Place Analysis
    Price Analysis

    Remember that the key components of the analysis are: Problem Statement, Analysis of Issues, Develop and Support the Recommendations. Note that the component areas of a thorough case presentation are listed on the left column, and levels of performance are listed across. This listing can help you better prepare your case analysis. Evaluation criteria are listed for both the content and the process aspects. Full and complete coverage of background, players, core problem, primary issues; limited depth of analysis, organization and logic and weak quality in writing. Full and complete integration of appropriate terminology, key concepts or theories, demonstrate understanding of the WHY in the problems with the analysis of each issue and necessary background, definitely lacking or showing poor depth of analysis, organization, logic, and quality of writing. Full and complete recommended actions, clear and complete evolution out of your analysis of the issues. Complete on what should be done (or what should have been done) and WHY. Appropriate use of facts, text, sound analyses, and reasoning.

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    Hi: I'd be happy to help. Since you didn't state which option you liked better we'll just take the first one:
    AJX. It states that this is a website that helps raise money for underprivileged college students but only 15% of the profits go to scholarships. That said, perhaps part of your plan should be to increase scholarship funds. You need to come up with three products. Here are some suggestions:

    -partner with popular Texas Universities and Colleges to sell branded merchandise--- this would be good for alumni to buy into that they are helping a less fortunate student live the dream at a place in which they have fond memories. Plus AJX might do this by taking overstock and reaping more margins.

    -sell experiences: special events with alumni from Texas Universities and Colleges. Football weekends. Dinner at the President's house. Football tailgate parties. Signed copies of books from commencement speakers.
    Each of these suggestions tie in education better than the current merchandise on the site and could be sold for higher margins.

    - sell a kid's story. Some scholarship offers put up pictures of the students and their stories. Donors can then choose a student and an amount they want to donate to support the student. Donors could get picture, background story, and depending on level of donation ongoing updates (also a way to develop ongoing funding). ScholarMatch is an example http://www.politicsdaily.com/2010/07/23/online-donations-fight-student-debt-at-scholarmatch-sponsormyde/

    -sell an event: 5 K's and 10K's are fairly easy to put on and can generate lots of money and publicity (http://www.ehow.com/how_135566_organize-charity-walk.html). Think t-shirts, publicity, excitement. Booths about AJX and a way to get the company's story out to more people.

    -more basic merchandise would be your basic sport ball (football with logo, for instance), ...

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    This solution develops a marketing plan for an internet company, taking into account target market, competitive analysis, socio-cultural forces, economic forces, and competitive analysis. In addition, it suggests implementation strategies, promotion, place, and price analysis. Includes APA formatted references.