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    The Marketing Mix (4 P's)

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    Marketing Mixes for 2 Different Segments in the Middle East Market

    Nestle is supporting a new public health campaign in Dubai to encourage more women to keep their bones healthy to help delay or prevent osteoporosis. The company is working with the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) to provide free health screenings and bone density tests at clinics and medical centres. The 'Care for your Body, Care

    Danger of Oversegmenting a Market

    Segmentation is the process of breaking a population down into smaller groups and marketing to it. Is it possible for a small business to oversegment its market? How might that be dangerous?

    Volume, Mix, and Price Revenue Variances

    You are the nursing administrator for a medical group that expects a severe outbreak of the flu this winter. You hire additional staff to treat the patients and administer shots. Your special project budget was for 1,000 hours of part-time nurses' services at $40 per hour, for a total cost of $40,000. It was expected that the

    Collaboration Between Advertising Media and Creative

    I am seeking an answer incorporating the following article, why is it important that the advertising media and creative departments work closely together? Narayanan, S., Desiraju, R., & Chintagunta, P. K. (2004). Return on investment implications for pharmaceutical promotional expenditures: The role of marketing-mix interact

    Transition from Growth to Mature Phase

    We are all consumers of various products and try to be smart buyers, which sometimes implies waiting for bargains. What changes have you observed over the marketing mix strategies for your favorable/targeted products while they transition from Growth phase to Mature phase? Share your examples and discuss them

    Service Marketing Strategies

    We have focused our Marketing Mix Strategies mostly on Products. How might these strategies change for Services? Product includes physical goods, services, ideas, people, places, etc. Nonetheless, services do require some changes to marketing strategy that address the differences between goods and services marketing. Keep

    Consumer Product, Business Product, and Brands

    What are different types of products, both consumer and business. Name and describe one of the types of either. And how does a product develop into a brand and what is the advantage of creating a brand?

    Responsibilities of a production manager

    1. A successful sales plan is the key to a full and successful budget. What should budgeters do create a better sales plan? How does a company improve its sales position? 2. The production manager has the primary responsibility of producing the good (and service) that are require to meet the sales plan. There are numerous iss

    Marketing Strategy: Produce, price, place and promotion

    I have purchased a product recently e.g.cell phone and have used it regularly. Act as if you are the marketing manager for the organization and describe the marketing strategy used for this product, including all of the elements of the marketing mix (at least one paragraph for each of "the four p's"). Also include a detailed de

    Utility and Product Placement

    How did/does marketing add utility to some product or service you've recently purchased? There are four types of utility. Your purchase likely satisfied one or more type of utility. Remember that utility exists if the product or service has a value for you. What was the form of utility(s)? How was that utility created? How

    Product & Corporate Strategies/ Brand Families

    There are two pieces to this question. The first piece is the relationship between product and corporate strategies. Think about what might make a particular product (strategy) inappropriate given the corporate strategy. When would the two be at odds? The second piece is about the relationship between brands and the produc

    Marketing Mix: Price

    Using research, explain what you think would be the most appropriate pricing method and why for two branded products below. In doing so, you must compare and contrast the two pricing methods explaining why you think they would be similar or different. You must illustrate your arguments using estimates of costs and other figures

    Marketing Mix: Promotion

    Two products (choose one from Airline Flights and choose one from Carbonated Soft Drinks) using as much research as possible to explain what you think would be an appropriate promotions strategy for both. Compare and contrast the two promotion strategies explaining why you think they would be similar or different. In particular,

    Management of Product Mix and Product Lines

    What is the best way a company can build and manage its product mix and product lines? Companies who start to go outside their core business and offer products they don't know (and don't know the customer) typically fail. However, there are companies such as Ebsco who own all types of businesses and are effective at their ope

    Subcultural Segmentation

    I am having trouble explaining the importance of subcultural segmentation to marketers of food products and identify a food product for which the marketing mix should be rationalized. Also, how is the marketing mix varied across different geographic parts of the United States and why?

    Linear programming model for bicycle manufacturer

    A bicycle manufacturer is determining its production schedule for the next 6 months. Assume that it costs this company $150 to manufacture each bicycle. At the end of each month, a holding cost of $35 per bicycle left in inventory is incurred. No more than 40 bicycles can be stored in inventory at any point in time. Monthly

    The Marketing Mix: Promotion and Measurement

    14. Assess the INFORMATION NEEDS of target market(s). What infomation will your potential customers need, (e.g. address of premises)? 15. indicate whether any PERSONAL SELLING will be involved and if so what forms this will take. If not explain why not. If so: 16. What training should be received? 17. What incentives

    Investment Vehicles and Techniques

    Randy has just been hired as the chief investment officer of a large regional bank. As part of his new role, he has been asked to identify some different investment techniques and strategies that the bank could use to lure in new customers in the current market. The current market is one where interest rates are falling, and the

    The Marketing Mix: Distribution Channels

    Select TWO products from the list of product categories below and using the teaching materials and any additional research explain what you think would be an appropriate distribution strategy for them. In doing so compare and contrast the two distribution strategies explaining why they would be similar or different. Automobi

    Marketing Mix for a New Internet Browser Software

    Specifically, how would various company objectives affect the development of a marketing mix for a new type of Internet browser software? If this company were just being formed by a former programmer with limited financial resources, list the objectives the programmer might have. Then discuss how they would affect the developmen

    The 4 P's in Marketing

    1. Define the Four P's of Marketing and state if you agree/disagree with them and design your own Ps of marketing if you wish. (if you don't agree with the 4 standard ones). 2. Name at least two difference types of pricing models/schemes that business' use and provide examples.

    Marketing Mix: Pricing

    Please explain the most appropriate pricing method (and why its appropriate) for the following products: Netflix Jolly Green Giant canned vegetables Compare and contrast the two pricing methods and explain why they are similar or different.

    Strategic plan: Globalization

    Your work on your strategic global marketing plan is complete. You now have a plan that will implement, manage, and support a global strategy, but it is far from organized. You e-mail Deborah to inform her that you are almost ready and that all initial planning is complete. A little while later, the phone rings and you see Debor

    The Marketing Mix: Promotion

    Select one product from each category: Airline Flights Carbonated Soft Drinks Give an appropriate promotions strategy for each example. Compare and contrast the two strategies and explain similarities and differences.

    Marketing Concepts and Dilemmas reviews Marketing Organizations; Corporate Mission statements; Marketing Value; How marketing shapes consumer needs and wants; Advertising, Branding, Growth Strategies, and more.

    1. One of the marketing concepts asserts that marketing's role is to satisfy consumers' needs and wants. Critics, however, maintain that marketing goes beyond that and creates needs and wants that did not exist before. They feel marketers encourage consumers to spend more money than they should on goods and services they do not

    Marketing Plan for Airport Cinemas

    I need help with a marketing plan for building cinemas in airports for long delays, stop-overs, etc. Can you help me with the following? 1. Overview or introduction of my service 2. Business Mission Statement 3. Situation Analysis/SWOT 4. Marketing Plan Objectives 5. Business Competitive Advantage 6. Strategic

    Article: The Marketing Mix

    This case involves thinking about the meaning brands have for consumers, the roles brands play, and the views customers have of brands developed through marketing and non-marketing influences. Address the following question: In her 1998 paper Susan Fournier argues that customers have relationships with brands. 1. Expla

    Marketing Plan and Metrics

    GGI has decided to implement your marketing plan, the management team wants to know how they can measure efforts listed in your marketing plan. Marketing metrics are usually used to determine effectiveness of marketing efforts. Demonstrate to GGI that your strategy and techniques had positive, tangible results, that will likely