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Marketing Strategy: The Four P's

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I have purchased a product recently e.g.cell phone and have used it regularly. Act as if you are the marketing manager for the organization and describe the marketing strategy used for this product, including all of the elements of the marketing mix (at least one paragraph for each of "the four p's"). Also include a detailed description of the product or service --what is it, how is it packaged, who is the manufacturer and who or what is the main competition?

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The four P's

According to Kotler and Keller ( 2006), the marketing mix or the so-called four P's is a set of marketing tools that the firm uses to pursue its marketing objectives. In the case of cell phone, the marketing strategies along the four P's are as follows:

1. Product
The product has been designed to match the needs of the target buyers- the size, weight, and the shape has been made in such a way that the highest level of convenience and comfort is provided to the user. It is also offered in several variants to cater to specific types of buyers. The features such as internet access, camera, and other applications have been made available in the unit to emphasize that a unit is an ...

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The following posting discusses the four p's of marketing strategy. These include product, price, place and promotion.