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    The Marketing Mix (4 P's)

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    Marketing Theory and Technology

    Hello I need help developing a response to the following three questions: 1) Which marketing theory did you find most useful or important in your research? Why do you believe that this theory is useful or important? Have you had any experience with this theory in your current or former organizations? 2) What effects does

    Discuss the Assumptions of the Consumer Demand Model

    Four key marketing decision variables are price (P), advertising (A), transportation (T), and product quality (Q). Consumer demand (D) is influenced by these variables. The simplest model for describing demand in terms of these variables is: D = k - pP + aA + tT + qQ where k, p, a, t, and q are constants. Discuss the assum

    How has Gatorade become a leader in marketing success? Many associate the company with athletes as spokespeople; and "catchy" commercials that demand one's attention. Gatorade is also capitalizing on the popularity of social media to ensure it is reaching its customers on every platform available.

    The specific case and case study questions posted by the student were: Gatorade is one of the best known marketers in the world. As the producer of sports drinks and one of the first companies to make widespread use of athletes to endorse its products, Gatorade is best known for its creative television commercials. However, Gat

    The Marketing Mix: Pricing

    Write an answer of no more than four pages in which you complete the following assignment: Using the teaching materials and any additional research explain what you think would be the most appropriate pricing method and why for TWO branded products selected from the following list. In doing so compare and contrast the two pri

    Strategic Marketing and Distribution of Pepsi

    Please provide me some examples of each to get a good running start. (1) Explain the several components of the distribution strategy for Pepsi. How does it fit with the designated target market? (2) Does the distribution of the product seem to fit the product's target as well as harmonize with other elements of the mar

    Marketing Strategies and Materializing

    Answer each question in 250 words per question and each response to questions must have APA Formatted citations and references correctly for the support. Responses should have both citation and reference. Q 1 Why are the objectives important to your marketing strategy? Q 2 When or why might you need to alter your objectiv

    Bait Delivery Service Pricing Strategy

    On the Bait Delivery Service I would like to have a pricing strategy: a component of the marketing mix. Consider the Mission, Objectives, Target Market, Competition, Core Strategy, and Communications & Promotions when making a decision on how pricing will be determined. Can you discuss what pricing objectives you would c

    Four P's of Marketing/Borderless & Controls/ Collecting Data

    Marketing research does not have to be expensive. What are some other inexpensive methods for collecting customer data about your product/service? Based on the 4P's of marketing, which P do you think is most important and why? What challenges and/or risks are associated with the concept of companies going borderless? Do y

    Developing a Marketing Solution for a Company

    I need help with a marketing solution for a company. The company is Classic Airline. I need to consider the internal and external pressures contributing to the company's current crisis, the objectives and obstacles of the marketing department, and the marketing resources available to resolve this crisis. Requirements: - The

    Marketing Management: Red Bull

    1. Provide a brief description of your product/service (Red Bull: the energy drink) and a brief history of the firm that produces your product/service. 2. Describe and discuss (broadly speaking) the 4 Ps associated with your product/service. (See PowerPoint slide: The 4 Ps) 3. Describe and discuss all four of the 4Ps:

    Analyzing Monsanto Case Study

    I am having trouble with the following case, defining the problem and starting the analysis. I need help beginning this assignment. Please see the attached files.

    Describing a marketing mix

    The term marketing mix refers to a unique blend of product, distribution, promotion, and pricing strategies designed to produce mutually satisfying exchanges with a target market. You may have heard this described as the 4 P's of marketing (product, place, promotion, price). Choose an idea, good, or service with which you a

    Finding the Critical Path and Project Duration

    The construction of a cottage requires the performance of certain tasks. The following table lists the various tasks with their priority relationship. Activity o m p Predecessors A 8 10 12 None B 6 7 9 None C 3 3 4

    Competition of Funds in the Marketplace

    When a corporation decides to sell its financial products within the marketplace, there is still underlying competition from others. Explain some of the factors found within the idea of "competition of funds".

    Sony PlayStation 3 Case Study

    Please answer the following questions: What, if anything, should Sony do to turn around the sales of the PS3? What has been Sony's strategic approach with regard to new product development? What are the key success factors in the video gaming industry today? Are these the same as in the past? What was Sony'

    Developing a Research Proposal for Wal-Mart

    I need to create a research proposal about Wal-Mart. Can you help me identify the terms and concepts I need to include? These should be broken down as such: 1. Introduction 2. Rationale for Research Proposal (Wal-Mart's) (NOTE Explain what the study intends to accomplish. What rationale was used to determine the importance

    Auctions Market Strategy.

    A. Are auctions the optimal method to sell a security or service? B. What are the advantages, and disadvantages of the Auction method of Selling for the buyer and seller, using a specific example.. C. Explain why corporations do not sell "all" their products by auctions? D. What are the reasons for the success of Inte

    Marketing Strategy: Marketing Mix

    The final component of the Marketing Strategy is the Marketing Mix. The Marketing Mix is the set of decisions about communications and promotion, price, channels of distribution, and customer relationship management. This week you will focus only on communications and promotion, following an integrated marketing communication

    The Role of the External Environment in Marketing Decisions

    Using a membership warehouse club for pricing, distribution, segmentation, targeting, positioning and branding. How do pricing and distribution complement each other when gowns are available at Costco? What are implications for segmenting, targeting, positioning and branding.

    Marketing Campaign for Youth Football Team

    I need ideas and help I am trying to market a youth football camp for ages 7-16. I am having trouble answerin the folling questions: Strategic marketing process: Executive Summary: Summarize a longer report or proposal, in such a way that readers can rapidly become acquainted with a large body of material without having

    Economic Factors in Marketing Plans and Contingency Plans

    Please show me how do to the following: For a homecare agency: 1. What are the macro-environmental factors (how economic, sociological, technological, legal, and political factors may affect the marketing plan)? 2. What are the micro-environmental factors (how customers, competitors, distribution channels, and suppliers ma

    Identifying Place and Promotional Strategy

    Please address the following question: How can you identify the appropriate place and promotional strategy that should be used in the development of the strategic marketing plan.

    Product Differentation

    How can health care providers best differentiate and market its service offerings? Give examples to support the response.

    Marketing - 3M Greptile Grip Golf Glove

    3M Greptile Grip Golf Glove: Great Golfing. Consider the following questions as you discuss the Grip Golf Glove: What are the characteristics of the target market for the 3M Greptile Grip golf glove? What are the key points of difference of the 3M Greptile Grip golf glove when compared to competitors products, such as Foot

    International Marketing of iPod

    Select a product or service (not previously used by a classmate) that is successfully marketed in both the United States and adapted and sold in another country. Review the products website. Research the products performance in the international marketplace. 1. Identify the product and the international country where it is

    Selecting a company question and answers

    Q 1. Select a company with which you are familiar. Imagine you are advising this company about how to protect its intellectual property. What are types of intellectual property, and how would you advise the company to protect its intellectual property? Q 2. Your client has decided to open a chain of restaurants. What real a

    Purchase Decisions

    a) 'Why would you purchase this product'? 'does this really satisfy an unmet need'? b) Do you have any examples where a company did not follow its own product development decision process? c) What companies have been successful giving tangibility to their services? How did they accomplish it?

    Marketing Strategies: Tommy Hilfiger & Zara

    How would you compare Zara's and Hilfiger's current marketing strategies? What elements of the marketing mix are changed depending on the national market? What are the benefits/downsides of their marketing strategies?