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    Analyzing Monsanto Case Study

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    I am having trouble with the following case, defining the problem and starting the analysis. I need help beginning this assignment.

    Please see the attached files.

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    A. A problem statement has two parts(1/2 page after 1/2 page introduction)

    Context of the Case Study:

    This case study revolves around the history and analysis of the herbicides market in the United States and global markets and the potential launch of the Roundup Ready Soybean seed, a new kind of genetically modified seed soon to be launched by Monsanto. Monsanto is a leading manufacturer of herbicides and is launching this new seed which is resistant to its own line of leading herbicide product called Roundup. Monsanto is evaluating the prospect of launching this new product by deciding on the appropriate mix of marketing mix elements such as pricing, positioning, distribution and promotions. It is extremely important for Monsanto to decide on the appropriate mix of various marketing mix elements as the future growth and success of this new product as well as herbicide will rest on the success of this new launch. The launch of RR soybean seed will help the company to push the sales of its Roundup herbicide as well because farmers using the new RR soybean seed will be forced to use the roundup herbicide as well.

    Key Problem:

    The main problem surrounding Monsanto in the case study is to decide on the best launch strategy for RR Soybean seeds by finalizing the best mix of pricing, ...