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    Corporate Social Responsibility: Monsanto Co.

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    1. Describe Monsanto's pursuits in each of the 4 types of social responsibility. Research the company online to update the information provided in the case study.

    2. Visit the Monsanto website to find information that is directed at 3 types of stakeholders: investors, employees, and customers. Describe the different types of information found and how it may be perceived by these different stakeholder groups

    3. Assume that you have been hired by Monsanto as a consultant. Using the Caux Round Table Principles for Business from table 12.2, page 450 from Chapter 12 make recommendations for the company based on each of the 7 principles to ensure Monsanto embraces a global approach to achieve corporate responsibility. Be specific in your recommendations with actionable items that Monsanto can implement.

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    On Social Responsibility: Monsanto

    1. Describe Monsanto's pursuits in each of the 4 types of social responsibility. Research the company online to update the information provided in the case study.

    Monsanto Co. is a publicly traded multinational agrochemical and biotech corporation founded in St. Louis Missouri in 1901 making it one of the largest, and most historied US corporations. It operates around the world in around 69 countries. It has operating revenue of around $15 billion with over 21,000 employees. A lot of farmers around the world depend on their Roundup brand, utilising their genetically engineered seeds for better productivity and pest resistance as well as their herbicide glyphosate to keep farm produce healthy. According to Thorne, McAlister, Ferrell & Ferell (2005), social respo9nsbility is, "the adoption by a business of a strategic focus for fulfilling the economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropic responsibilities expected of it by its stakeholders. This definition encompasses a wide range of objectives and activities, including both historical views of business and perceptions that have emerged...it involve action and measurement." Monsanto Co.'s activities in terms of these 4 types of social responsibility are as follows:
    a. economic responsibilities - Monsanto employs a number of workers so that through Monsanto, they have a living to sustain themselves and their families. Their clients also benefit from Monsanto's work, making a living through agriculture mitigated by Monsanto's products. The stakeholders of Monsanto thus benefit from a healthy business and overall the company contributes positively ...

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