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Marketing Strategies and Materializing

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Answer each question in 250 words per question and each response to questions must have APA Formatted citations and references correctly for the support. Responses should have both citation and reference.

Q 1 Why are the objectives important to your marketing strategy?

Q 2 When or why might you need to alter your objectives or strategies because the results you hoped for were not materializing?

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The expert examines marketing strategies and materializing.

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1. The first is that the marketing strategy leads to sales of the offering. Without the sales, the marketing has no value. So marketing has to target the right markets, decide the approach, and attract the appropriate customers including peripheral customers.

A second is that it must be measurable. The ability to measure the success of the marketing plan is one way to see if it is working. Evaluations should occur at regular intervals. Outcomes, evaluations, and the strategy must have goals that can be seen and measured. These measurements can also be translated into other projects and strategies pinpointing what worked and when. They are an excellent tool for current and future strategic planning.

Another objective is to be clear. The message must be understandable to all. The strategy must include the information people want and ...

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