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    Types of crime and other hazards that threaten the operation, and design measures

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    Choose one specific security application from chapter 10. List the types of crime and other hazards that threaten the operation, and design measures to prevent the threats from materializing.
    - Banking and financial institution security
    - Courthouse Security
    - Disaster Recovery
    - Educational institution security
    - Entertainment security
    - Executive Security
    - Healthcare Security
    - Hospitality Security

    Ortmeier, P. J., (2009), Introduction to Security: Operations and Management, (3rd Ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson and please just let me know what area of pages we used...THANKS! Also, if you find these from another source(s) just please make sure the reference is in APA Style Citationsâ?¦Thanks!

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    Security Application

    Banking and financial institution security:

    There are several types of crimes which affect the operations of the banking and the financial institutions resulting in significant losses such as economic and computer crimes. In addition to this, identity theft and false statement are also some types of crimes found within this type of security. Checks forgery ...

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