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Marketing Mix for a New Internet Browser Software

Specifically, how would various company objectives affect the development of a marketing mix for a new type of Internet browser software? If this company were just being formed by a former programmer with limited financial resources, list the objectives the programmer might have. Then discuss how they would affect the development of the programmer's marketing strategy.

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The marketing mix includes the 4 P's of marketing: price, product, place, and promotion. The objectives of the firm will influence this mix in terms of what they are trying to accomplish from a strategic level --- what is the actual product being offered and what will it do to benefit the end user? What is the market area that we are considering? Given the fact that this is a browser, technically the world is the market place, but do we want to limit the scope of the market place to be more able to insure that the client is able to realize the benefits we are providing, and to insure that we are able to service the market we are targeting? This will relate directly to market segmentation and the actual target market we are trying to develop.

What is the intended pricing for the product ...

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This report summarizes the marketing potential of establishing a new browser application. It specifically relates marketing considerations to the development of the browser, and provides factors dealing wth the next steps for launching.