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Business Ethics - Microsoft (Playing Monopoly Case)

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Microsoft (Playing Monopoly)

a) In your view, should the government have sued Microsoft for violation of the antitrust laws? Explain.
b) Was the final penalty fair to Microsoft? Explain.
c) If you were Judge Jackson, what would you do different and what ethical system from below would you appeal to in your decision? Why?
a. Utilitarianism
b. Rights and Duty
c. Justice and Fairness
d. Care
e. Virtue

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Business Ethics - Microsoft (Playing Monopoly Case)

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a) In your view, should the government have sued Microsoft for violation of the antitrust laws? Explain.

I do not think that government should have sued Microsoft for violation of the antitrust laws. The case of violation of antitrust laws against Microsoft was merely a result of jealousy and fear among other players in the marketplace, who fear being wiped out by Microsoft's dominance in the industry. The case against Microsoft by Government was tried as a means to stop Microsoft's progress and growth. I sincerely feel that such actions against companies like Microsoft put a brakes on the technological revolution and motivation to come up with new and innovative technologies. Microsoft achieved monopoly like situation in the marketplace via its innovative products and technologies and technological competence which was not matched by any other rivals and thus, it had full right to exploit this dominance in the marketplace. The bundling of internet explorer with the operating system was not aimed at making money by monopolizing the browser marketplace, but was an attempt to offer a more integrated solution to ...

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