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Responsibilities of a production manager

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1. A successful sales plan is the key to a full and successful budget. What should budgeters do create a better sales plan? How does a company improve its sales position?

2. The production manager has the primary responsibility of producing the good (and service) that are require to meet the sales plan. There are numerous issues that need to be considered and planned to make sure that production runs smoothly. Please discuss these challenges and issues that must handled by the production manager.

3. The production manager must have and manage three different types of inventories. These inventories are needed to meet the production requirements. Inventories also present many challenges and issues. Please discuss these challenges and issues with regards to inventories and inventory control.

4. One of the decisions that must be made regarding inventories and production is the decision to use either parts or direct materials in the production process. Please discuss the pros and cons of using either parts in your manufacturing process vs. using raw materials.

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A successful sales plan is important to a full and successful budget. The revenues come in from sales and a successful sales plan ensures that funds are available for each item on the budget. To improve the sales plan, there should be realistic objectives set for each sales manager, supervisor, and sales team. Next the exact methods that will be used by the sales team for achieving the objectives should described. The sales plan should be made with the sales persons. They must be involved in the decision making. The company improves its sales position by implementing its sales plan. There should be proper monitoring of the plan and there should be controls that ensure that the sales plan is implemented properly. The company improves its sales positions by setting higher sales goals and achieving those goals.

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The most important challenge that the production manager faces is the estimation of sales demand. The demand should specify the types of goods that must be produced, the quantity of goods that should be produced and the cost at which the production should take place. The next important issue is the availability of raw materials. The ...

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