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    The Marketing Mix: Price

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    Give an example of both a product which you felt was "under-priced" (relative to what you were willing to pay), explaining why you felt it was under-priced, and a product you felt was "over-priced" (relative to your valuation of it) but you paid for it anyway.

    Explain both situations as fully as possible including any effect on your opinion of or attitude towards the brand explaining why you bought the thing you thought was "over-priced".

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    A product that I purchased that I thought was under priced was a bottle of flavored creamer selling for $.99 at the grocery store. I was willing to pay up to $3.00 for the bottle because it was a product that I loved. I felt it was underpriced compared to the competitor ...

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    The solution is comprised of a discussion on pricing, and attitudes towards different marketing brands.