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    5Ps of product differentiation

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    Extra Credit 1

    A) The gifts from children at this time of the year are important because it is the recognition of service. The personal aspect of the service is that even though the teacher is an employee of a school/college, the services are rendered to the students directly. The extra effort that the teacher puts in to deliver the service well and individually is recognized through this means. From the perspective of motivation, the gifts from children are a reward from children. These rewards are for the good services received. Most importantly, these gifts provide esteem to the teachers and this fulfills their needs and also motivates them. Remember, children cannot give cash rewards to teachers!

    B) Our team could make the process of ordering job match easy by offering customers the facility of ordering by simply logging onto our website and giving the specifications of the positions they need job match for. The job match algorithm will work automatically and deliver the exact resume the customer needs. The customer will be billed and charged in accordance with her previous payment details, the extent to which the customer refines her specification will customize the search and the resume found will be those that will fit the position perfectly. Our employees are trained to take online specifications from customers and in less than three minutes time get a very accurate specification of the employee the customer needs. The employees are trained to enter the data while talking with the customers and generate most accurate information about prospective employees from the job match algorithm. ...

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