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Diverse means of differentiating products and services

Consider the diverse means of differentiating products and services. Which ones have the most impact on your choices? Why? Can you think of certain brands that excel on a number of these different means of differentiation?

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// Diversifications call for differentiating products and services. In order to start a paper like this, we must first explain the concept in a short introduction. After that we should start with explaining the diverse means of differentiating products and services

When the competitive advantage of a firm lies in special features incorporated into the product/service, which are demanded by the customers willing to pay for those, the strategy adopted in this situation is the differentiation business strategy. The firm outperforms its competitors who are not able or willing to offer the special features that it can and does. Consumers like to buy the differentiated product if it gives utility which they value. A differentiated product/service stands apart in the market and is distinguishable by the customers for its special features and attributes (Kazmi, 2002).

The major attraction and benefit in resorting to differentiation is that it takes the firm away from a total price-based competition. In other words, it allows the firm to fight on the non-price plank, with all the benefits associated with it. So, ...

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