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    Marketing and Sales Promotion

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    I need help with answering the following:

    Indicate the type of sales promotion that a producer might use in each of the following situations and briefly explain your reasons:

    (1) A firm has developed an improved razor blade, but customers are not motivated to buy it.
    (2) A competitor is about to do a test market for a new brand and wants to track sales in test market areas to fine-tune its marketing mix.
    (3) A big grocery chain will not stock a firm's new popcorn-based snack product because it does not think there will be much consumer demand.

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    Below you will find a few points to help you compile your answer:

    There are three types of sales promotion tools that are applied in the business world:

    1. Consumer-promotion tools

    2. Trade-promotion tools

    3. Business-and Sales-Force-Promotion Tools

    For the first two given situations, consumer promotion tools can be applied.

    In scenario (1) where a firm is trying to sell its improved razor blade to consumers that are not motivated to buy them, the firm can use any of the following consumer-promotion tools:

    Samples: free samples provided to target consumer market.

    Coupons: send coupons that offer savings on the razor blade by mail which will motivate them to use the coupon next time they go shopping. ...

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    Marketing and sales promotions are examined for a big grocery chain.