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    Four Ps of Marketing for Subway

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    Assess a market approach Product X 4 Ps a service and existing product line up. For example, Best By adding The Geek Squad Sam's Club adding automotive service centers.

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    Subway has recently begun offering breakfast foods. This would be a great example. Subway already had an accomplished reputation to draw from which gave them an excellent opportunity to expand their product line.

    If you assess Subway's decision against the 4P's...

    Product or Service: Offering breakfast foods. This was a brilliant idea considering most breakfast offerings are made from ingredients that are already available in stores. Also, the overhead associated with opening the stores earlier is absorbed into previous costs. Employees generally begin work much earlier than when the stores open to the public in order to bake bread and prepare ingredients for the day. Now, those same employees ...

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    This solution addresses the 4Ps of marketing as they relate to an existing product line. Subway is the focus for this solution however the solution does apply to other industries.