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    Oshikandela Yogurt

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    Question 1

    1.1 Explain the factors that represent the forces governing the nature and intensity of competition within any industry of your choice.
    Question 2

    2.1 Describe the product life cycle of a fast moving consumer good (FMCG)- Oshikandela Yogurt Manufactured by Namibian Dairies.

    Question 3

    3.1 You are a marketing manager of a car manufacturing company. Develop the marketing mix strategy (4p's) for the Mercedes car dealer. Choose anyone of the Mercedes product lines/cars and describe in detail what you will do with the marketing mix components: Product,Price,Promotion and Distribution.

    Approach the assignment on a practical basis and justify all your answers.The assignment must have an introduction and conclusion.Include references if you will do cite/quote text books or information from websites.

    Question 4

    Besides the competition on the basis of : cost, focus and differentiation.What are the innovative ways of competing within a market?

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    We consider the U.S. Automobile Industry. In this industry there is strong rivalry among the U.S. companies like Ford, GM, and foreign companies like Toyota. The supplier power is moderate. In most cases where parts are purchased from ancillary industries there are no close substitute inputs. However, the volume is important to suppliers (c). There is threat of new entrants. Foreign competitors having a leaner business models threaten to open operations in the U.S. The threat of substitutes is very high, the cars made by other manufacturers or even imported cars are good substitutes. There is strong buyer power because substitutes are available, and the buyers are price sensitive.

    Step 2
    During the introduction stage, the Namibia dairy set up the quality level of Oshikandela. It also conducted promotion to build product ...

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