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Operations Research

Strategy, Planning, and Innovation

I need help on the following. Please add the citation of your reference. 1. How would you describe what the balanced scorecard concept is and how does it align or support to the long-term objectives? 2. Why are objectives broken down into long-term and short-term? What is the benefit of the long-term objectives specific t

Energy Audits in Energy Service Company

Over the past several decades, there has been considerable growth in the providing of energy audits and energy surveys by both utilities and energy service companies (ESCO). There has been some debate in selected regions over who should provide these audits and surveys, utilities or ESCOs. Assume you are the manager of an ind

Energy manager for a steel manufacturing facility

Managing Energy Sources Week 5: Assignment Hand-in Assignment Over the past several decades, there has been considerable growth in the energy services market across the globe—with energy audits and energy performance monitoring being two examples of services that, in this case, utilities started to provide in the 1980s. The

Improvement in Logistics at Walmart

I need help researching how the logistics processes can be improved in Walmart's organization. How does inventory management, quality management, logistics planning and facilities layout/process improvement help Walmart improve their efforts? I also need help finding good sources for this information.

Outline for Capital Budgeting Paper

I have a 15 - 20 page literature review to write that captures relevant theories and empirical research leading to a significant research topic, problem, and research question(s). I need a 2 page outline to help me write a good literature review on "Capital Budgeting and Long-Term Financing" I have attached the relevant a

Validity for Focus Groups

I would actually think the focus group and projective techniques would be best. The combination can help define choice and why such choices are made. Focus groups can be asked the most general questions -i.e. What do you like to have for lunch?- to specific - i.e. What is your favorite sandwich for lunch? Focus groups are often

Strategic Issues at Tesla Motors

Answer firs. Set, then one in end to help me understand Tesla Motors: Charging into the Future? will post what preliminary work I found to help out near the bottom . In a four or five-page analysis answer the following questions : -Should Tesla continue to compete in the automobile market, or should it allow itself

Annotated Bibliography Example

See the attachment. Prepare an annotated bibliography of the five resources (attached), be sure to address the following as a minimum: Include the full APA citation Discuss the scope of the resource Discuss the purpose and philosophical approach Discuss the underlying assumptions If referring to a research reporting ar

Optimal Order Quantity in Production

Problem 1 Dulles Electric Company buys 1 million tons of coal annually to burn at its power plant. The company wants to invest in a unit train that will haul coal from the mine to the power house, where it is dumped in a large field. The shipping cost is expected to be $40 a ton. The cost of capital to Dulles is 10% per annum.

Qualitative Research for Marketing Expansion

See the attachment. Identify primary and secondary data sources that would you use. (For this discussion, a survey is not an option). Justify why these data sources are appropriate for the study's purpose. Identify the variables from the data sources that you would use for analysis. Distinguish between the levels of data for th

Internal Environment at General Mills and Swot Analysis

a) Assess what you believe to be the most important aspects of the internal environment at General Mills. Do not try to analyze every aspect of the internal organization -- rather, identify a minimum of two internal strengths and/or weaknesses. Do your best not to repeat the observations made by your peers, although you are enco

Use of Incentive Contracts

Can you please help me with the following questions. 1. Is it possible or even appropriate to ever combine the two types of incentive contracts such that both incentive and award fees may be earned on the same contract? 2. What sort of objective measurements might be applied? 3. What sort of objective disincentives (

Walmart's inventory management

I need help finding a company or organization that has good inventory management procedures. Does this company use VMI? Could it use VMI? What does it use to ensure it has the right inventory at the right time and control the costs? What sources can I use to support this information?

Forecasting Methods.

Scenario: Suppose that you are the operations manager for ABC Manufacturing, a small manufacturing company founded three years ago. ABC has been manufacturing and selling an electric motor for the past year, but the company has not always had sufficient workers assigned to manufacturing this electric motor in order to satisfy de

Definition of a Project and its Key Concepts.

Primary Discussion Response is due by Wednesday (11:59:59pm Central), Peer Responses are due by Sunday (11:59:59pm Central). (PM600 -1502B -03) Phase 1 Discussion Board Primary Task Response: Within the Discussion Board area, write 600-800 words that respond to the following scenario with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. Thi

Research Study Alternatives and Their Advantages

1. All of the following are part of an exploratory phase search strategy except _____. discovery and analysis of secondary sources expert interviews interviews with those involved with the problem brainstorming experiments 2.Which of the following statements is false with respect to the two-stage research appro

Executive Summary Example: Career Development Plan

This solution is to be used by students who are seeking an APA formatted Executive Summary example of how to establish a career plan with action steps. It gives the student a first person perspective on how to craft a response to the question of "what needs to be done to grow my career".

UPS Procurement and Supply Chain

I need help with a problem that involves the procurement or acquisition practices of UPS and the types of materials that the company uses. Analyze where those materials are sourced, how they are delivered, and what the overall supply chain operations of the company are. I need help in the following areas: Procurement Mate

Vendor Managed Inventory and Bullwhip effect

I need help with the following questions for my 5 page paper: 1. Is Vendor Managed Inventory a valid method for reducing the Bullwhip effect (BWE)? 2. How does it compare to other inventory management methods for reducing the BWE? 3. What conclusions can be drawn from these comparisons? The articles I've read (see belo

Total annual manufacturing cost

Consider the following specific potential outsourcing situation: ABC has determined it can manufacture the new valve product internally for $27,000 in fixed costs (FC) and $8 variable costs (VC) per unit. The company president has estimated ABC will sell 4,800 (unit volume = UV) of these valves each year. Jay Production, a sm

Total Quality Management: Tools of Quality Control

See the attachments. 1. Another issue ABC is facing is reliability of their products, in part because they are manufacturing increasingly complex products. One such product is designed and manufactured with five different subassemblies combined in series. It was determined through testing that those subassemblies have reliabili

Interview review for themes

Mini-Project: Themes and the Write-Up To prepare for this Application: Review Chapter 9 in Qualitative Inquiry and Research Design: Choosing Among Five Approaches; the examples of themes in "Stretching" Exercises for Qualitative Researchers; and pages 502-525 in Qualitative Research and Evaluation Methods. Analyze your in

Calculating the BEP and contribution margin in the given case

1.ABC Manufacturing is unsure of the ideal price to quote for one of their products, a pump. ABC's president has asked you to do a break-even analysis for the pump, and to recommend the optimal price. The fixed costs (FC) associated with manufacturing this particular product are $100,000, and the variable costs (VC) are $50 per

Recommendations from research

Please help with the following operations research questions. Have you ever made any research recommendations to your management or supervisor? If so, what data and analysis were your recommendations based on? Did you use any tools or techniques for the collection and/or analysis of the data?

Proposal Process

Hello, I need help developing a response to the following: How difficult has it been to juggle writing a proposal during the final content courses? Is it difficult to move between the more structured environment of the content courses and the independent study of the dissertation process? Do you feel this is a satisfactory pr

2010 Toyota & Mattle 2007 and 2010 Recalls

ONE-two paragraph for each. In 2010, Toyota recalled over five million vehicles worldwide. Discuss the impacts on the supply chain as a result of this recall. How does this recall tie to the overall strategy of the company? Also, examine the effects of the recall on the quality image of Toyota. In 2007, Mattel recalled m

Hot Dog Mix Planning - Linear Programming

A meatpacking house is creating a new variety of hot dog for the low-calorie, low-fat, low-cholesterol market. This new hot dog will be made of beef and pork, plus either chicken, turkey, or both. It will be marketed as a 2-ounce all-meat hot dog, with no fillers. Also, it will have no more than 6 grams of fat, no more than 27 g

The Use of Biblical Management Principles

Please help with ideas for writing a research paper on Biblical Management Principles. More specifically, getting a good background, thesis statement, problem statement and starting my literature review.

Excel Solver: Toy Manufacturing Company

A toy manufacturing company currently maintains plants in Atlanta and Tulsa that supply to retail centers in Los Angeles and New York. Because of expanding demand, the company has decided to build a third plant and has narrowed the choice to one of two cities, Seattle or Baltimore. The distribution costs, as well as plant capaci

Operations Research and Profit Maximization

In a particular engineering project team, four design jobs can be performed by any of the five resident experts. The profit generated by each individual resident expert for each design job is presented in the following table: Resident Experts Jobs Tom Robert John Albert Chris 1 $ 10,000.00 $ 12,000.00 $ 16,000.00