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Design of experiments and reliability

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Part 1:

Prepare a report (no more than 500 words) describing how the calculation of product reliability can be applied in practice in your organisation or in one that you are familiar with. What are the benefits of increasing the reliability of systems/processes, and what are the drawbacks of using backups?

Part 2: Complete the following analyses:
Calculate the system reliability in the following scenario:

* A system consists of three components in series with reliabilities of 0.98, 0.90 and 0.95. The component with a reliability of 0.90 is backed up with a component of the same reliability, and the component with a reliability of 0.95 has a backup with a reliability of 0.92.

*Calculate the failure rate in the following:
A test of 10 light bulbs is conducted for 1,000 hours. Three light bulbs fail, at 40, 225 and 752 hours. The remaining seven remain functioning at the conclusion of the test.

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