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    Operations Research

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    Total Quality Management: Qatar Airways

    Choose a large Middle Eastern organization that sells a product or multiple products. You can choose any Middle Eastern Organization. (how about Qatar Airways) First provide an overview of the company. Then, analyze that company and its products in terms of product and service quality, costs of quality, total quality manage

    Qualitative Versus Quantitative Research Methods

    Write a report about the difference between qualitative and quantitative research methods related to your area of study ( Most about Academic writing). All I need is 1- 2 pages, (Word Document) Be sure to use academic references and cite to support your analysis.

    Logistics Challenges

    One of the biggest logistical challenges for supply chain management is the deterioration of infrastructure in cities across the US. I need help with research on this key logistics issue. I need help defining the problem, its scope, and provide some possible solutions. I need help identifying some assumptions about this issue an

    Whole Foods Market..

    Need some help with the below. Need references included as well. How does the Burke-Litwin Model help whole foods market with the issues they are facing with competition and pricing. how would they benefit from the use of this model.

    Strengths and weakness of Organizational Diagnostic Models

    I am having problems understanding the strengths and weakness of Organizational Diagnostic Models specifically 7S model, the Congruence Model, and the Burke-Litwin Model and defining how Whole Foods Market is defined through the OD models.

    Research Project Outline

    Prepare a simple research proposal related to your area outlining the main stages Selecting a topic (You Can Choose any topic) The purpose of the study Hypothesis, objectives, and research question Working title and project outline Timing Supervision Write as you go All I need is 2 pages, (Word Document) Be sure to

    Outsourcing of Hospital Services

    Read through the Case Study entitled "Outsourcing of Hospital Services" . It covers capacity planning in operations management. In a 3-4 pages paper, Explain your answers in (Word Document), answer the questions posed in the case study ( in the attachment). Be sure to use academic references and cite to support your analy

    Review the Extended Enterprise Supply Chain (EESC)

    Review the Extended Enterprise Supply Chain (EESC) from the attached paper. Identify in the EESC where each of the four modes of transportation are used: rail, inland water, ocean, and over the road trucking (OTR). Use topic headings for each mode. Identify the materials being transported from which industry to which industry. I

    Issues associated with Academic Writing

    Write a short report with proper citation about the following terms: •Concepts •Constructs •Definitions •Variables •Propositions •Hypotheses •Theory •Reasoning •Models In the above report give an example from your area of study. 2-3 pages only Also, write a one page report about the difference be

    Inventory policy with uncertain demand and backorder

    2) A paint shop implements an inventory policy on its stock of white paint, which costs the store $6 per can. Monthly demand for cans of white paint is normal with mean 28 and standard deviation 8. The replenishment lead time is 14 weeks. Excess demand is back-ordered, but costs $10 per back ordered can in labor and loss of g

    Oral presentation

    Prepare a presentation on Walmart, (PowerPoint Slides). 8 to 10 Slides is All I need. And then answer briefly in ( Word Document) in : •What are the different components of report? •Write briefly about oral presentation and its parts. Only in 1 - 2 pages is all I need, And do not forget to Cite references Tha

    Forecasting in operations management

    Highline Financial Services, Ltd. Highline Financial Services provides three categories of service to its clients. Managing partner Freddie Mack is getting ready to prepare financial and personnel hiring (or layoff) plans for the coming year. He is a bit perplexed by the following printout he obtained, which seems to show osc

    Extend the Extended Enterprise Supply Chain (EESC)

    1) Using the Wilson Soccer Ball product, extend the Extended Enterprise Supply Chain (EESC) all the way back (upstream) to the RAW materials needed to produce this product and to package it. Then extend the supply chain forward (downstream) all the way to the RETAIL industry that sells to the consumer. a. Backward explosion of

    Quality Management Process (TQM, ISO 9000, Six Sigma)

    After all your production planning analysis, you have been asked to prepare a Quality Management Planning Strategy for management and employees. Using course materials and other resources, develop a strategy document with the following action items: Identify the overall Quality Management Process (TQM, ISO 9000, Six Sigma) t

    Coca Cola Financial Analysis

    Please help me with an analysis of the Coca-Cola Company for the years presented in The Accounting Framework, Financial Statements, and some Accounting Concepts (Bruns, 1992a). This is not a traditional Harvard Case; however, use the exhibits as if the exhibits are the data present in a case. By doing the following, your ana

    Profitability Measurements for Walmart, Target, & Costco

    Calculate the following profitability measurments for Wal-Mart, Target, and Costco using the information found in their 2013 Annual Reports. Calculations must be written out. Gross Profit Percentage Profit Margin Percentage Return on Investment Return on Equity Earnings Per Share

    Wilson Soccer Ball product

    What is the size of the market for the Wilson Soccer Ball product, e.g. how many of these are sold or the total sales of these per year at the retail level? What is its market share for this product? What are the locations of the company in the US? Identify 3 - 5 competitors of this company and their market share for their bran

    Memory chip manufacturer relocating one of their existing plants

    The memory chip manufacturer is also thinking about relocating one of their existing plants. Your boss is not sure that they should do so. He has asked you to write a white paper on the pros and cons of relocating facilities. In this paper, he wants you to specifically discuss: What motivations typically cause firms to initia

    Design of experiments and reliability

    Part 1: Prepare a report (no more than 500 words) describing how the calculation of product reliability can be applied in practice in your organisation or in one that you are familiar with. What are the benefits of increasing the reliability of systems/processes, and what are the drawbacks of using backups? Part 2: Comple

    Role of sensitivity analysis in Linear Programming

    1. Discuss the role of sensitivity analysis in Linear Programming. Under what circumstances is it needed, and under what conditions do you think it is necessary? 2. A linear program has a maximum profit of $600. One constraint in this problem is 4X + 2Y <= 80. Using a computer we find the dual price for this constraint i

    United Parcel Service (UPS) operations function

    Write about United Parcel Service (UPS) and analyzes the operations function of the organization, and how important the operations function of the business is to the overall success of the organization. You should address the following: an introduction to the organization, an analysis of the operations functions of the busine

    Manufacturing and Services of Southeastern Bell

    Southeastern Bell stocks a certain switch connector at its central warehouse for supplying field service offices. The yearly demand for these connectors is 15,000 units. Southeastern estimates its annual holding cost for this item to be $25 per unit. The cost to place and process an order from the supplier is $75. The company op

    Compare and Contrast Pay Incentive

    Your boss really is excited about your new approaches and is ready to make a decision based on your research. Choose two (2) solutions to your issue, and compare and contrast each option (my issue is adding incentive pay at my job I have to compare and contrast working with incentive pay and without) write a four to six (4-6)

    CVS warehouse challenges

    Does CVS warehouse/store its resources and products efficiently? If CVS offers services, then discuss how these services are retained and the challenges of not being able to "warehouse" services. (4 pages, cited).

    Cost of Quality

    Looking Ahead In this Individual Assignment, you will develop a cost of quality profile for your organisation or an organisation with which you are familiar. After reviewing the Key Concept Overview, you should now be aware that the cost of quality can be broken down into the following categories: Prevention costs Appr

    Key Operational Processes & Milestones

    Hello, based off the attached document, I need help developing a 350- to 700-word operations plan that will include key operational processes as well as milestones. The operations plan should include two sections: 1. Key Operational Processes: The Key Operational Processes are the daily functions the business must conduct. By

    Seting Up a Linear Programming Problem

    A firm produces four products: A, B, C, and D. Each unit of product A requires 2 hours of milling, 1 hour of assembly and $10 worth of in-process inventory. Each unit of product B requires 1 hour of milling, 3 hours of assembly and $5 worth of in-process inventory. Each unit of product C requires 2.5 hours of milling, 2.5 hours

    Analyzing Coca-Cola

    I am having problems analyzing Coca-Cola. I am trying to critically evaluate their mission, vision, values, and goals based on the guidelines in the below link and what changes should be recommended. I am not sure how to develop this based on the below link. http://managementhelp.org/strategicplanning/mission-vision-values