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Operations Research


Please help with the following: Develop an analysis essay to the leadership team reporting on the five topics listed below. Answering discussion points by providing basic operational concepts presented within the course material. Topic 1: Operations Consulting and Reengineering - What is operational consulting? - Wha

Matrix: Service & Product

Resources: Ch. 3, 6, & 7 Writing Tense: First Person (I or We) Writing Style: Critical (Review, Explain, and Provide Opinion) Substantively answer the following: 1. Complete the Design Matrix (See Template Under "Student Materials") • Identify one "Service-Based Operation" and one "Product-Based Operation." • Identify

Qualitative and Quantitative Research Design

Develop a hypothetical design plan for each type of research in a Quantitative and Qualitative form. Provide a discussion of the appropriateness based on suitable foundational research sources for each type of research plan,

Business Research Creditable Sources

Scenario: You just got a job with a research company that will be offering internships to business research students. The interns will be assisting with short-term business research projects. Your manager has asked you to develop a brief training and assessment to ensure the interns know: the difference between primary and seco

Stakeholder Analysis - Microsoft

Stakeholders, if properly handled, can be a real asset to any organization. Evaluate any organization. Respond to the following: Identify each level of stakeholders. What are the factors the organization needs to consider in dealing with the differing levels of stakeholders? How successfully is the organization curre

Travelling salesman and permutational flow shop problems

Explain how the Travelling Salesman problem is equivalent to a Permutational Flow Shop problem. If possible, please also provide calculations to go along with the explanations. Use the following reference: Solvable Cases of the No-Wait Flow-Shop Scheduling Problem Author(s): Jack A. A. Van der Veen and Rene van Dal Sour

Evaluating Input-Transformation-Output Relationships

The operations management's success is dependent on contributions from many different disciplines within the group: industrial engineering, quality engineering, quality control, statistics analysis, supply chain, and production. Each provides an important role that helps to improve the decision-making process. Evaluate and de

Choosing a Distribution Site

American International Automotive Industries (AIAI) manufactures auto and truck engine, transmission, and chassis parts for manufacturers and repair companies in the United States, South America, Canada, Mexico, Asia, and Europe. The company transports to its foreign markets by container ships. To serve its customers in South Am

Companies and employee career management

I need an original answer for this question. In a world of fast-paced decisions, high-employee turnover, and employees feeling like they must "jump ship" to increase salaries substantially, do you believe most companies develop systems that invest in their employees' career management? Why, or why not? Give a specific examp

Sports and women in the workplace

The answer to this question must be an original answer. Not one that has been previously posted. Thank you. A report on ABC's Good Morning America show on August 13, 2014, reported on "Getting ahead in the workplace" and addressed the question of "Should Women be Sports-Savvy". It focused on the point that women needed spo

Careers: Business Operations

1) Supply Chain Integration 2) Distribution Systems 3) Warehousing 4) Technology and Logistics 5) Logistics Design Alternatives Out of the 5 concepts listed above, identify and briefly discuss the two most important concepts applicable to your career. You may also discuss the least applicable concept for your career.

Intermodal Logistical Facilities

1) What is your opinion on EDLER's ANSWER to the Question below? Be sure to make a good argument for your position and support your response with evidence from a resource. EDLER's ANSWER: Disadvantages would include the lack of capability for goods coming via some unanticipated means to arrive. Another is, if the organiza

Intermodal Logistics

Intermodal Logistics QUESTION: What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of intermodal logistics parks? Be sure to make a good argument for your position. 1) What is your opinion on MANUEL's ANSWER to the Question below? Be sure to make a good argument for your position and support your response with evidence from a

Optimization in a Players Selection

From the set of seven players, Coach Night has to select five-players start lineup. While selecting the lineup, objective is the maximize defensive ability and meet the lineup composition and playing abilities constraints. At least four members must be able to play guard (G), at least two members must be able to play forward (F)

Multiple Choice Questions: Market Efficiency

Question 1.1. An oversold market is generally considered to be overvalued. (Points : 1) True False Question 2.2. The advance/decline line is be used to time both the purchase and the sale of securities. (Points : 1) True False Question 3.3. The market reaction to quarterly earnings a

Threaded Discussions!

QUESTION: Is the use of IT in logistics as advanced as the use of IT in other areas of business? Be sure to make a good argument for your position. What is your opinion on ROGER's and KELLY's ANSWERS to the Question above? Be sure to make a good argument for your position and support your response with evidence from a resourc

Qualitative Research: Reliability

Is reliability as relevant to a qualitative research study as to a classic quantitative one? Why or why not? Please provide three specific examples, and/or citations from outside sources, in support of your response.

Stock Valuation Management Questions

Question 1.1. Which of the following contributes to high P/E ratios (Points : 1) High dividend payout ratios High rate of earnings growth Periods of high inflation High debt ratios Question 2.2. A company that wants to maintain both a constant growth rate in dividends and a constant payout ra

Democratic Leadership Examples

We try to involve all people in the decision making process and give them ownership of the decisions that they make. Find two examples of this and illustrate.

Qualitative dissertation tips for completing on schedule

Qualitative research studies can be particularly time intensive to complete. How can a scholar-practitioner specifically plan to make efficient use of his/her time to stay on track with completing a qualitative dissertation?

Undervalued Shares Or Growth Shares

Please answer the following question (between 150-250 words) Value vs. Growth--Which Camp Are You In? The professional stock pickers on Wall Street specialize in a lot of ways. Some focus on small-cap stocks. Some only look at foreign shares. And there's another way they tend to specialize: They're either value investors

"Burger King Beefs Up Global Operations"

Read the case study "Burger King Beefs Up Global Operations" Incorporate into your analysis responses to the following questions. You should make sure to incorporate core concepts from your reading assignment. use the APA format in writing course papers. Therefore, the APA rules for formatting, quoting, paraphrasing, citing,

Effective warehouse design

Warehouse Efficiency 1) What is your opinion on KELLY's ANSWER to the Question below? Be sure to make a good argument for your position and support your response with evidence from a resource. KELLY's ANSWER: There are many important factors to using warehouse space effectively. For beginners the warehouse should be mar

Applied Managerial Marketing

Phase 1 Individual Project Deliverable Length: 10-15 PowerPoint slides (each slide should include 200-250 words each in the notes section) Details: Weekly tasks or assignments (Individual or Group Projects) will be due by Monday and late submissions will be assigned a late penalty in accordance with the late penalty policy f

Finding Information for Research

Please help with the following problem: We are often asked about things we don't have knowledge of, let's say you have been asked to determine how hospitals prepare and train volunteers. Since you know relatively little about this subject, how will you find out? Be as specific as possible.