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    Career advice

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    You have received an email from a graduating student, the son or daughter of an acquaintance. This young person wants advice: How does he or she get a job like yours?

    The student asks, "What do I have to do? What is the most important advice you can give me? Was there an element of luck in your career choice, and your success? If so, can you explain to me what it was?"

    Compose the two or three paragraph reply. Be clear, concise, logical and effective. You are free to advise the student to either pursue your career, or to avoid it. Set these paragraphs off in quotation marks.

    Following your reply, explain exactly you think it is effective.

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    The most important advice would be to choose your career that you are passionate about and then follow your passion and dream with full focus, commitment, sincerity and enthusiasm. It is very important to ...

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