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    Business Communication and Mentorship

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    Imagine that you are being interviewed by a graduating high school senior (or college senior). This young person wants advice: he or she wants a job like yours

    "What do I have to do? What is the most important advice you can give me?"
    He (or she) is asking. "Was there an element of luck in your career choice and/or success? If yes, can you explain?"

    Answer in 2-3 paragraphs. Be clear, concise and logical. You are free to advise the student to follow you or to stay away from this career choice.

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    Suppose that I work as the assistant marketing manager in an international firm that is involved in mining of oil sands, and I am based in a remote processing plant in the wilderness in northern Alberta. If the High School senior asks me the question "What do I have to do", the most important thing that I should tell him is that he should discover it for himself. At my stage in my career, I have already earned enough money to live the rest ...

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