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    Mentoring in the Bible: Acts and 1 Timothy

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    Acts 16:1-5 and I Timothy 5: 1-16. Document in 250 words or less the insight you gain from these passages concerning approaches to mentorship,

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    Acts 16:1-5

    Paul took Silas and went through Syria and Cilicia. Paul traveled to Lyaconia where he met Timothy, who was a believer (16:1). Paul is spoken highly of (16:2). There is a strong emphasis on mentorship as Paul has Timothy circumcised so that he could be acceptable to the Jews, and conduct a ministry among them (16:3). As they traveled from city to city, they mentored others in the ways of the apostles and the decisions they had made in Jerusalem (16:4). Finally, based on their teachings and ministry, the church under Timothy and Paul grew in faith (16:5).

    1Timothy 5:1-16

    The mentorship narrative in Timothy 5 has to do with the responsibility to help others. For example, believers are to have respect for the elderly, "Do not rebuke the older man but appeal to him as a father" (5:1); treat women as sisters (5:2); and respect younger women with ...

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    This solution discusses the theme of mentoring in Acts 1: 1-5, and 1Timothy 4:1-16.