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Explanation of Important Theological (Biblical) Terms

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What is the meaning of the following theological terms?




theological history

regnal formulae

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Provides lengthy and detailed explanations (nearly 1000 words) for these five theological terms, using numerous examples from Scripture. The solution is provided in a nicely formatted Word document.

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In a very broad and generic sense, "pastorals" refer to writings designed as teaching tools for elders/pastors to articulate official teaching on matters of importance for their congregations. Biblically, we have three "pastorals". The term refers to letters or epistles written by Paul to pastors of congregations, rather than to whole congregations (such as Ephesians) or groups of congregations (such as Galatians). They are called "pastoral epistles". They are: Titus, 1 Timothy and 2 Timothy. Paul wrote these three pastoral epistles in order to teach Titus and Timothy how to conduct themselves as pastors of local congregations -- on issues of faith, practice and doctrine -- although Paul did not limit his letters merely to these "technical" issues. For example, in 2 Timothy, he knows he's about to die at the hands of Nero. He writes to Timothy a very loving and practical letter as he attempts to wrap up his life's work. To get a feel for the content contained in these epistles, read them. They are not too long, and they are fairly easy to understand.


This term refers to the doctrine or theory of types and antitypes found throughout the Bible -- seeing laws, events and people as symbols in scripture that foreshadow things to come, particularly types in the Old Testament that have their antitypes in the New ...

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