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Operations Research

Group Interviews vs. Individual Interviews

Please compare and contract individual and group interviews. Under what specific conditions might one be preferable to the other in qualitative data collection? Please provide three (3) specific examples, and/or citations from outside sources, in support of your response.

Tornado: Emergency Management

I need your input to complete this project. I need to write an emergency plan for a movie theater that has been hit by a tornado, including the emergency response procedure. The emergency plan structure: Give an overview of your plan and include emergency management elements: - Direction and control - Communications - Li

Operations Processes and Productivity Plans for Restaurants

Analyze operations processes and develop a productivity plan for a hospital, bakery, restaurant or convenience store. It should be 3-5 pages in APA format with at least 3 references. Refer to the attachments below for additional information. Include some of the following: First discuss some background about your company. Ho

Stocks and finance

1.) Assume that the S&P 500 composite stock index is 995.50. This means that a.) the average stock in the index is selling for $99.55. b.) an investor would have to pay $995.50 to purchase one share of each of the stocks represented in the index. c.) the market values of the stocks in the index increased by a factor of 99.55

Excellent Manufacturing Company Inventory Management

Read the information provided by the resources and references on the Background page. Understand the theory and concept of inventory, inventory turns, EOQ, and Lean. Please refer to the attached document for more information. Study the information about the Plasti-Brack product line and inventories. Understand the EOQ formula

Integrated Supply Chains

Supply Chain Integration 1) What is your opinion on DORIAN's ANSWER to the question below? Be sure to support your response with evidence and provide your sources, at least informally. DORIAN's ANSWER: "Today's business environment is characterized by a faster technological development, shorter product life cycle, and

Supply Chain Integration in Organizations

Supply Chain Integration 1) What is your opinion on MANUEL's ANSWER to the Question below? Be sure to support your response with evidence and provide your sources, at least informally. MANUEL's ANSWER: I believe that supply chain integration is important because it has a lot of advantages of having an integrated supply

Threaded Discussion!

Why is supply chain integration important to organizations? Be sure to make a good argument for your position. Support your response with evidence from the readings or other resources. It is not necessary to provide formal citations, but you should give the sources of your information.

Occupational Safety: Hazard Analysis and Accident Prevention

1) How do you feel that environmental concerns are changing the role of the safety and health professional? Provide some examples of environmental factors that are changing the safety and health profession. How have safety and health managers responded to them? 2) Define the concept of a safety-first corporate culture. What a

Occupational Safety and Accident Prevention

I need help with these Occupational Safety Projects: 1) Define the term industrial hygiene. Explain the responsibilities of the modern industrial hygienist, and describe their role in the safety and health field. 2) Explain why a comprehensive confined space management policy is important in any organization. What areas sh

Safety and Accident prevention

(5) Explain Dalton's law of partial pressure. Does water vapor conform to Dalton's law? What are some other sources of pressure hazards? How are they created? Response should be at least 200 words in length. (6) Outline and describe some examples of the most common types of mechanical injury hazards. Explain how safeguardi

Accident Prevention: Job Safety and Uncontrolled Hazards

1. Define life safety as related to fire safety programs. Organizations provide comprehensive fire safety programs to mitigate hazards involving fire in the workplace. As a safety and health manager for your organization, how would you build and train a cross-functional fire and safety committee to train employees to respond to

An LP Formulation question

1. Processing passport forms consists of two activities: 1. Data verification (DV) where the data provided by individuals are verified for its correctness and 2. Data Entry (DE) where the data is entered into a computer. During the next 3 weeks the following number of forms will arrive: week 1, 50,000; week 2, 30,000; and week

Management Tools: Moving Average Forecasting Models

Moving average forecasting models are important tools that help managers make educated decisions. Moving averages are mainly used to forecast short historical range data. This tool along with other forecasting tools are now computerized, making it easy to use. In regards to moving average forecasting tools, do the following:

Safety in the Oil and Gas Industry

Topic: Managing Safety Operations in the Oil and Gas Industry. 1. Introduction a. Defining Safety Operations within the Oil and Gas industries b. Significance of this Research Study and Why it's Important for Employees Health and the Environment c. Explore Current Management Practices and Determine if they are Effective

Human Trafficking in China

I need help writing a paper on Human Trafficking in China. It should include 5 references within the last 10 years.

Benefits of Adopting an REA

I need help with explaining of the benefits of adopting an REA approach to information systems compared to a traditional approach. Discuss the general functionality and key elements of ERP systems and understand of the key considerations and risks associated with ERP implementation. Explain the Internal control system, its

Global Business Risk And Methods Of Minimizing It

1. How valid are the methods for assaying and understanding the risks that arise in dealing with the global arena? Are the methods unbiased? What risk is inherent in portraying nonwestern countries in a somewhat adversarial light? How might this influence the preparation of U.S. executives for global roles? 2. How is the ris

Health Resource and Policy Analysis Questions

Provide outlines for the following: 1. The most recent data available for U.S. health care expenditures is for the year 2008. Where did our U.S. health care dollars go in 2008? What have you found about national health expenditures in 2008? How do you expect this distribution of health care spending to change over the decade

Stewardship, Operational Ethics, Disruptive Technology

Discussion Forum: Stewardship and Operational Ethics Find the Fast Company article, "Toms sets out to Sell a Lifestyle," read it and comment on how you believe Toms Shoes and its founder, Blake Mycoskie is practicing good stewardship (or not)? What implications do organizations need to consider as they adopt a corporate res

Joint ventures, political risks and market imperfections

Are American joint ventures with an overseas partner tantamount to embracing risk? How is leadership's need for control affected by the risk strategy it employs for its overseas venture and its risk management core competencies? Which political risks might an organization guard against? What strategies might you put in place

Vietnam Integration in the Globalised Economy

Describe Vietnam main economic characteristics of the country and analyse its trade pattern and possible impediments to international trade. Discuss if the country is well integrated in the world trade system.

Challenges of Production Methods

Discuss your thoughts about the unique staffing, training, and motivational challenges that may be encountered within the typical production operation such as those we discuss in class, including: Job Shop, Continuous Flow, Machine Paced Line Flow, Worker Paced Line Flow, Batch, Hybrid - focus on one process type.

Advantages of Cultural Knowledge in Sales

1. What is the relationship of a cultural lens to a global mindset? Do they support each other or are they mutually exclusive? Does one guarantee the other? Why or why not? 2. How do Wunderle's points about using a cultural lens to gain military advantage apply to gaining a competitive business advantage? Specify at least thr

Walmart: Globalization

Which is the most important lesson of Walmart's global expansion up until 2007? Why? How might one increase Walmart's wins and curtail its losses in its efforts to expand globally up until 2007?

Operational Definitions and Constructs

When using a construct or operational definition, how can we be sure that the construct or definition is equivalent to the original concept under study? What ideas do you have to ensure they match?