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Operations Research

Redlands Air Budgeting

Redlands Air, Inc charges $75 per hour for flight instruction. The company has $25,000 of annual fixed admininistrative costs, and pays $15,000 rental expense to Inland Empire Airport each year. Redlands incurs a $20,000 annual insurance premium to insure its aircraft and facilities. In addition, the company gathers the foll

Research Design Outline

Create and submit the Time Schedule for the proposed research and resources needed, as well as additional personnel, budget details, the consent forms, and the questions used for the surveys/questionnaires/interviews. The questions and possible responses must support the research objectives and the hypothesis. - Time Schedul

Effects of Downsizing the US Military

Can anyone find me an interesting article or two on where the US Military will be downsizing troops: officers, enlisted, etc? Please answer the following questions: By what time frame will the downsizing be done? How will this effect the economy and those families? What troops will go?

Supply Chain Management at CliffBar

From the beginning, CLIF BARs were made from wholesome ingredients. Yet as Erickson looked at the ingredients being sourced for CLIF BAR, he realized that making a healthy food product and sourcing ingredients from farmers, ranchers and cooperatives using organic growing techniques was a "natural" fit. The company made a commitm

Indigenous People and Assimilation

Please help answer the following problem: What is an issue indigenous people face regarding assimilation? Describe this issue and any effort made to mitigate it. How effective were these efforts? If they were not effective, what could have been done differently? For ideas, consider researching the White House Tribal Nations C

Costs of Home Care vs. Facility Care for Seniors

Complete this statement, "The purpose of this study is...home healthcare benefits for the elderly" and then follow up with a relevant and testable research questions. The Purpose of the Study is to gain information to address the problem introduced in home healthcare (example of using a purpose statement). The research questi

Research Questions for Conducting Surveys

Please help constructing a telephone, or in-person interview survey in home healthcare! The survey should have 10-15 questions accompanied by a brief background of the problem, trying to measure survey with 8-10 questions, 2-3 demographic questions, 1 open ended question, and 5-6 (multiple choice, multiple response or Likert

Impacts of Divorce on Children

For this project, put the information from the articles you evaluated in (Project 3.) into a literature review. A minimum of five relevant references are to be analyzed for the Literature Review. The references used are to be cited in the Literature Review of the Research Proposal. They are also to be included in the references

Starwood Performance Improvement Methods

Starwood Hotels & Resorts is no stranger to quality measurement. In the most recent year, Starwood properties around the globe held 51 of approximately 700 spots on Condé Nast's Gold List of the world's best places to stay. Its spa and golf programs have consistently been ranked among the best in the world. At Starwood, proc

Review into Diversity Management

Based on the following topic outline, I need help with developing an outlined response to all in APA style. I also have references Outline Workforce Diversity and Organizational Outcomes I. Diversity Issues and Turnover A. Diversity Issues 1. Issue ... 2. Definitions ... 3. Cause ... 4. Effect ... 5. Solution ... B.

Analyzing Business Ethics and Sustainability at an Energy Company

BP's code of conduct includes this: "health, safety, security and the environment—fundamental rules and guidance to help us protect the natural environment, the safety of the communities in which we operate, and the health, safety and security of our people" (BP, 2010). But Seidman (2010) said this: "Many of the factors th

Productivity and Efficiency in Manufacturing Plant Management

This is a discussion about the difference and relationship between productivity and efficiency in manufacturing plant management, including the effect production increase has on efficiency, and what other areas of effective plant management can impact productivity and efficiency.

Research and mixed methodology

Provide a list of advantages with a brief description of each advantage so I can further understand why this type of method is gaining prominence in research. Conversely, provide a list of disadvantages to explain why critics say using quantitative or qualitative should be used in a stand alone fashion. Additionally, why has mix

3M diversification strategies

Organizations have a variety of reasons to diversify their business and many ways to diversify and retrench. Please provide an explanation. Review the products 3M offers ( and the markets it serves. Select one or more 3M businesses and comment on their business diversification strategies

Strategic Analysis of Walt Disney

By using The Walt Disney Company complete a more in-depth analysis of its strategy 1. Discuss how that company has strengthened its generic strategy through complementary strategic moves in this industry. In your analysis of its strategic moves, examine the timing of these moves. a) Identify whether to pursue offensive or def

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Help required developing a topical outline for Chapter Two of a dissertation. Must follow a chronological or other rational organizational scheme using the topic list attached that provides a foundation for how to categorize and explore the literature.

Research Paper Outline for Government Relations

Here are the instructions: Select a program, project, or issue that is within government or you think government should address. Example, early childhood education, anti missile system, obesity. Identify the problem, conflict, concern, or goals that you want to solve, resolve, settle, or achieve from the program, project,

Apple's differentiation strategy

Strategic Options Select an organization that you believe has executed optimal strategic moves to strengthen its generic strategy.

Common Sized Analysis

The sales revenue information for March and April, Year 2007 is listed below. What is the vertical common-sized analysis (percentages) of each item based on the sales revenue? Please discuss any significant findings. Item March April Sales Revenue

Concepts of a Product-Harm Crisis

1) What is a Product-Harm Crisis? 2) What are the factors that contribute to a Product-Harm Crisis? 3) A brief analysis of Product-Harm Crisis studies 4) Research synthesis

Performance Measures to Evaluate an Organization

Please help with the following problem: Identify and describe at least four performance measurements that can be used by an organization and describe why these are important to the organization's success.

Implementation Plan for Green Home Building Business

This is a two part paper that work conjunctively, for which I will give you double the credits! THANK YOU! In a four-page paper, propose an implementation plan for your strategy to forming a green, sustainable business focusing on developing and marketing green homes. Green homes are energy-efficient, well-insulated, well-ve

Competitive Decision-Making Criteria for the Green Home Industry

Create a formal set of competitive decision-making criteria in order to analyze strategic options and determine which business opportunity should be included in your strategy recommendation, strategic plan, and financial justification. Competitive Decision-Making Criteria In deciding the strategy for green homes, we need

Profitability Revenue and Cost Analysis

A company owns three motels in a ski resort area. Although there is some business during the summer months, the company finds it very difficult to staff all three operations during this period and is contemplating closing one of the three motels. The sales revenue and the breakdown of costs during this period are listed below in

Interview Questionnaire

Select a leader in an organization of your choice. Manager; an executive or CEO is preferred. Name of Organization: Name of Leader and Name of the position Part 1: Introduction (If you cannot find this information ahead of time, you will need to ask during the interview): What is the name of your organization? What are

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I need some help generating ideas on this question: Consider you own experience with workplace culture. Describe past and current experiences with organizational culture. Be as specific as possible and support your comments with examples.

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Several factors and behaviors can shape an organization hierarchy. How do centralization, standardization, and horizontal differentiation affect the shape of the organization? In what ways can the informal organization and the norms and values of its culture affect the shape of an organization?