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    Agents Hiring Problem - Optimal Hiring Plan

    The TSA at a large airport has 175 agents hired and trained for the month of January. Agents earn an average of $3300 per month and work 160 hours per month. The projection is 26,400 agent hours will be required for February, 29,040 agent hours will be required in March and 31,994 will be required in the months of April and May.

    DRAM Chips within Tolerance Limits

    S6.27 Meena Charvan Corp's computer chip production process yields. DRAM chips with an average life of 1,800 hours and σ=100 hours. The tolerance upper and lower specification limits are 2,400 hours and 1,600 hours, respectively. Is this process capable of producing DRAM chips to specification?

    Calculating the C-Chart Limits

    The school board is trying to evaluate a new math program introduced to second-graders in five elementary schools across the county this year. A sample of the student scores on standardized math tests in each elementary school yielded the following data: SCHOOL NO. OF TEST ERRORS A 52 B

    Developing a Control Chart

    Jamison Kovach Supply Company manufactures paper clips and other office products. Although inexpensive. Paper clips have provided the firm with a high margin of profitability. Sample size is 200. Results are given for the last 10 samples: SAMPLE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 DEFECTIVES 5 7 4 4 6 3

    Developing Mean and Range Chart

    Twelve sample, each containing five parts, were taken from a process that produces steel rods. The length of each rod in the samples was determined. The results were tabulated and sample means and ranges were computed. The results were: SAMPLE SAMPLE MEAN (in) RANGE (in) 1

    Horse Feed Mix Planning

    Question: A boarding stable feeds and houses work horses used to pull tourist-filled carriages through the streets of a historic city. The stable owner wishes to strike a balance between a healthy nutritional standard for the horses and the daily cost of feed. This type of horse must consume exactly 5 pounds of feed per day. The

    Career advice for students

    You have received an email from a graduating student, the son or daughter of an acquaintance. This young person wants advice: How does he or she get a job like yours? The student asks, "What do I have to do? What is the most important advice you can give me? Was there an element of luck in your career choice, and your success

    Kitchen business in Palm Beach County

    Scenario: You have been asked by a close friend, a kitchen design and installation specialist, for some help in setting up a new business. Your friend has inherited a substantial sum of money and has decided to open his own kitchen design and installation business in Palm Beach County, Florida. He intends to focus his market

    Pareto Chart Creation and Analysis of the Data

    6.12 Mary Beth Marrs, the manager of an apartment complex, feels overwhelmed by the number of complaints she is receiving. Below is the check sheet she has kept for the past 12 weeks. Develop a Pareto chart using this information. What recommendations would you make?K GROUNDS PARKING/ DRIVEANT ISSUES11111 ELECTRICAL/ PLUMB

    Forecasting by least square method

    The following gives the number of accidents that occurred on Florida State Highway 101 during the past 4 months: MONTH NUMBER OF ACCIDENTS January 30 February 40 March 60 April 90 Forecast the number of a

    Individualist Versus Collectivist

    Please help select a research article that analyzes one of the cultural patterns such as collective versus individualistic social perception and gender perspective differences. Help is needed developing a reflection that summarizes the pattern and analyze the implications in a global organization.

    Impact of Megatrends in Supply

    Based on your experience or readings, discuss how these mega trends affect the Purchasing and Supply Management professional in the exercise of his/her duties and responsibilities - in particular Supply Chain Management and Supplier Outsourcing in the public and private sectors. What are the salient factors that have contributed

    Forecasting Techniques: Moving Average and Exponential Smoothing

    The Carbondale Hospital is considering the purchase of a new ambulance. The decision will rest partly on the anticipated mileage to be driven next year. The miles driven during the past 5 years are as follows: YEAR MILEAGE 1 3,000 2 4,000 3 3,400 4 3,800 5 3,700 a) Forec

    Forecasting Techniques: Exponential Smoothing

    YEAR 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 DEMAND 7 9 5 9 13 8 12 13 9 11 7 Develop a forecast for year 2 through 12 using exponential smoothing with α = .4 and a forecast for year 1 of 6. Plot your new forecast on a graph with the actual data and the native forecast. Based on a visual inspecti

    Challenges of Open Systems Theory

    There have been suggestions made by people in the field that Open Systems Theory creates problems. Discuss what problems could arise when using Open Systems Theory. Given these problems, is it worth using Open Systems Theory in an organization?

    Cycle Counting

    Even though a company may have an active campaign to record inventory accuracy, those records need to be verified through a continuing audit. Those audits are known as performing a cycle counting of work-in-progress, piece part inventory and finished goods. Explain how cycle counting audits improve inventory accuracy. Expl

    Marketing for New App

    Scenario: You have created a new app for the iPhone, which allows users to locate trained, experienced babysitters within a specific zip code in the U.S. You would like to market the app through Apple's App Store, but need to develop an estimate of potential users who might purchase it. You have determined that iPhone users ten

    Items in a Questionnaire

    What incentive would it take for you to answer a 20 item questionnaire, a 50 item questionnaire and a 100 item questionnaire? Think about your response in relation to how many items you might include.

    General mechanical ventilation system

    Discuss some of the problems that might be encountered when implementing OSHA's machine guarding standards in the workplace. Do you feel that the standards are adequate to control machine guarding hazards in general industry? Why, or why not? and Discuss some of the circumstances where mechanical ventilation is required

    Riordan Manufacturing, Inc.

    I need assistance with a powerpoint with speaker notes and cited references on Riordan Manufacturer. The first attachment is the actual assignment and the 2nd attachment is the detailed requirements. Please let me know if more details is required. www.slideshare.net/valorahawkins/systems-development-project-riordan-manuf

    Mock study instrument and validity

    Describe an instrument selected for a mock study and its appropriateness. Describe its reliability and validity as reported in the literature, and its cultural appropriateness to your population. Identify if you would need to modify the instrument, and if so, what that modification might be and the rationale. If the instrument

    Inventory Management and Performance Objectives

    Please explain in 5-6 sentences. cite source please. Pick a particular company. Based on your choice, describe how an efficient supply chain can result in increased competitive advantage for this company. What is the purpose of inventory? How does inventory management impact operations performance objectives? Provide speci

    Processes Codified in ERP

    Reflect on the readings for this module as well as those from previous modules when you consider this module's discussion question. In your response, take into account the time constraints on modern businesses in terms of time to market and demand for innovation. As an aside, and not as part of the assignment, you may wish to co

    Work Cells in Lean Manufacturing

    There is a strategic importance of locations and the factors that affect the decision of where to locate a facility. Now that the location has been selected, the factory has to be designed and workers trained. Explain how the cell concept works to improve productivity and quality, and how it acts as a means to support lean m

    IKEA analysis report

    1. IKEA Analysis of the Supply Chain 2. IKEA Plan to Improve Operating Processes 3. IKEA Assessment of the Impact on Human Resources 4. Explain changes to the compensation and incentives at your company that is necessary to reinforce your recommendations and increase efforts for continuous improvement throughout IKEA Pleas