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    UPS Procurement and Supply Chain

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    I need help with a problem that involves the procurement or acquisition practices of UPS and the types of materials that the company uses. Analyze where those materials are sourced, how they are delivered, and what the overall supply chain operations of the company are.

    I need help in the following areas:
    Supply chain operations

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    Try and think of the UPS Procurement as using the overall operations strategy as indicated on the white papers internal solutions, indicating, the Purchasing and Procurement Management. The Purchasing and Procurement design plan of action deals with the typical areas, such as purchase orders (POs), release orders/ instructions on master POs and communication model from phone to mail or EDI (UPS.com, 2015). Therefore, the research should hone on the Purchase and Procurement as a way for "transact with ...

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    This posting provides a review into UPS procurement and supply chain operations business model. References are provided to further aid the student.