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    Maintenance and reliability

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    Provide a critical review of these two elements.

    Assess if maintenance has any impact on overall reliability.
    Study and analyze the relationships between reliability and scheduled maintenance.
    Discuss how equipment maintenance may influence the success or failure of a manufacturing operation.

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    Maintenance is seen as one of the most proactive methods of increasing overall reliability. Keeping a strong focus on maintenance allows a company to gain a competitive advantage over competitors and to increase profitability. Conducting maintenance that is centered around reliability can allow a company to manage its repair costs more effectively, as well as increase the efficiency of machines and factories in general. This can reduce the chance that the company has to fight fires due to equipment failures. Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) offers many different models that can be used, and the company can adopt the most cost-effective model to get the most out of the equipment. ...

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