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Operations Research

Calculations with Poisson and exponential distributions

Calls arrive at Lynn Ann fish's hotel switchboard at a rate of 2 per minute. The average time to handle each is 20 seconds. There is only one switchboard operator at the current time. The Poisson and exponential distributions appear to be relevant in this situation. a) What us the probability that the operator is busy? b) W

Performance Parameters of a Waiting Line Model

Paul Fenster own and manages a chili-dog and soft-drink stand near the Kean U. campus. While Paul can service 30 customers per hour on the average (µ), he gets only 20 customers per (λ). Because Paul could wait on 50% more customers than actually visit his stand, it doesn't make sense to him that he should have any waiting lin

Preparing BOM and Computing Gross and Net Requirements

14.8 As the production planner for Scott Sampson Products, Inc., you have been given a bill of material for a bracket that is made up of a base, two springs, and four clamps. The base is assembled from one clamp and two housings. Each clamp has one handle and one casting. Each housing has two bearings and one shaft. There is no

Choosing sample sizes for qualitative research

The impact of wage structure on employment productivity and efficiency in public sector in Nigeria Problem Statement The general problem of low wage structure in the public services in Nigeria makes the service unattractive to vibrant individuals who seek to pursue a career to take up employment in public services organisation

Maintenance and reliability

Provide a critical review of these two elements. Assess if maintenance has any impact on overall reliability. Study and analyze the relationships between reliability and scheduled maintenance. Discuss how equipment maintenance may influence the success or failure of a manufacturing operation.

Inventory Management in a Company

Lindsay Electronics, a small manufacturer of electronic research equipment, has approximately 7,000 items in its inventory and has hired Joan Blasco-Paul to manage its inventory. Joan has determined that 10% of the items in inventory are A items, 35% are B items, and 55% are C items. She would like to set up a system in which al

Analyzing the shipping alternatives

Monczka-Trent Shipping is the logistics vendor for Handfield Manufacturing Co. in Ohio. Handfield has daily shipments of a power-steering pump from its Ohio plant to an auto assembly line in Alabama. The value of the standard shipment is $250,000. Monczka-Trent has two options: (1) its standard 2-day shipment or (2) a subcontrac

Evaluating disaster risk

Johnson Chemicals is considering two options for its supplier portfolio. Option 1 uses two local suppliers. Each has a "unique-event" risk of 5%, and the probability of a "super-event" that would disable both at the same time is estimated to be 1.5%. Option 2 uses two suppliers located in different countries. Each has a "unique-

Inventory turnover and Total Sales

Baker Mfg. Inc. (see Table 11.9) wishes to compare its inventory turnover to those of industry leaders, who have turnover of about 13 times per year and 8% of their assets invested in inventory. a) What is Baker's inventory turnover? b) What is Baker's percent of assets committed to inventory? c) How does Baker's performanc

Determining the critical path

Dave Fletcher (see Problem 3.10) was able to determine the activity times for constructing his laser scanning machine. Fletcher would like to determine ES, EF, LS, LF, and slack for each activity. The total project completion time and the critical path should also be determined. Here are the activity times: ACTIVITY

Calculating the productivity ratio in the given case

Chuck Sox makes wooden boxes in which to ship motorcycles. Chuck and his three employees invest a total of 40 hours per day making the 120 boxes. a) What is their productivity? b) Chuck and his employees have discussed redesigning the process to improve efficiency. If they can increase the rate to 125 per day, what will be t

Expanding a Business to a Global Enterprise

Question (1) In The New Competition for Global Resources, a special report prepared by the Boston Consulting Group and Wharton, the Triple E threat driving new understandings about the global future, leadership, and competition was defined as "the need to compete with everyone, from everywhere, for everything". Answer the

Project management precedence diagrams

9.15 The following table details the tasks required for Indiana-based Frank Pianki Industries to manufacture a fully portable industrial vacuum cleaner. The times in the table are in minutes. Demand forecasts indicate a need to operate with a cycle time of 10 minutes. CRIPTION IMMEDIATE ECESSORS TIME

Calculating Cycle Times and Theoretical Minimum

9.11 Stanford Rosenberg Computing wants to establish an assembly line for producing a new product, the Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). The tasks, task times, and immediate predecessors for the tasks are as follows: TASK TIME (sec) IMMEDIATE PREDECESSORS IMMEDIATE T

Calculating normal and standard time for a task

Peter Rourke, a loan processor at Wentworth Bank, has been timed performing four work elements, with the results shown in the following table. The allowances for tasks such as tis are personal. 7%; fatigue, 10%; and delay, 3% TASK PERFORMANCE OBSERVATIONS (MINU

Role of Theory: Qualitative Research

•Craft a 5- to 7-page paper in which you do the following: ◦Compare and contrast the role of theory in the five main qualitative approaches (Narrative, Phenomenology, Grounded theory, Ethnographic and Case study research). ◦State what you believe, at this time, will be the role of theory in your qualitative resear

Operational Efficiency and Utilization

Southeastern Oklahoma State University's business program has the facilities and faculty to handle an enrolment of 2,000 new students per semester. However, in an effort to limit class sizes to a "reasonable" level (under 200, generally), Southeaster's dean, Holly Lutze, placed a ceiling on enrolment of 1,500 new students. Altho

What is the effective capacity?

Material delays have routinely limited production of household sinks to 400 units per day. If the plant efficiency is 80%, what is the effective capacity?

Agents Hiring Problem - Optimal Hiring Plan

The TSA at a large airport has 175 agents hired and trained for the month of January. Agents earn an average of $3300 per month and work 160 hours per month. The projection is 26,400 agent hours will be required for February, 29,040 agent hours will be required in March and 31,994 will be required in the months of April and May.

DRAM Chips within Tolerance Limits

S6.27 Meena Charvan Corp's computer chip production process yields. DRAM chips with an average life of 1,800 hours and σ=100 hours. The tolerance upper and lower specification limits are 2,400 hours and 1,600 hours, respectively. Is this process capable of producing DRAM chips to specification?

Calculating the C-Chart Limits

The school board is trying to evaluate a new math program introduced to second-graders in five elementary schools across the county this year. A sample of the student scores on standardized math tests in each elementary school yielded the following data: SCHOOL NO. OF TEST ERRORS A 52 B

Developing a Control Chart

Jamison Kovach Supply Company manufactures paper clips and other office products. Although inexpensive. Paper clips have provided the firm with a high margin of profitability. Sample size is 200. Results are given for the last 10 samples: SAMPLE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 DEFECTIVES 5 7 4 4 6 3

Developing Mean and Range Chart

Twelve sample, each containing five parts, were taken from a process that produces steel rods. The length of each rod in the samples was determined. The results were tabulated and sample means and ranges were computed. The results were: SAMPLE SAMPLE MEAN (in) RANGE (in) 1

Horse Feed Mix Planning

Question: A boarding stable feeds and houses work horses used to pull tourist-filled carriages through the streets of a historic city. The stable owner wishes to strike a balance between a healthy nutritional standard for the horses and the daily cost of feed. This type of horse must consume exactly 5 pounds of feed per day. The

Career advice for students

You have received an email from a graduating student, the son or daughter of an acquaintance. This young person wants advice: How does he or she get a job like yours? The student asks, "What do I have to do? What is the most important advice you can give me? Was there an element of luck in your career choice, and your success

Kitchen business in Palm Beach County

Scenario: You have been asked by a close friend, a kitchen design and installation specialist, for some help in setting up a new business. Your friend has inherited a substantial sum of money and has decided to open his own kitchen design and installation business in Palm Beach County, Florida. He intends to focus his market