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    Energy Audits in Energy Service Company

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    Over the past several decades, there has been considerable growth in the providing of energy audits and energy surveys by both utilities and energy service companies (ESCO). There has been some debate in selected regions over who should provide these audits and surveys, utilities or ESCOs.

    Assume you are the manager of an industrial plant (e.g. chemical, manufacturing, materials, or the like), and explain why you would select either the ESCO or utility to perform your energy audit and survey. Support your response by weighing the pros and cons of each option. Discuss the factors which have driven the use of these audits and surveys in the past and discuss the likely drivers for these services in the future. What additional services may develop in response to the increased need?

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    I have given you some ideas to work from for this assignment. Checking out the US Department of Energy will give some good figures relating to consumption and costs, along with savings. I have included several references for you to read through. I found them by putting energy audits, energy audits, utilities v private companies, and utilities v energy service companies into the search engine. I chose peer reviewed and scholarly for parameters. This was done through the U of Phoenix library, but works for most libraries. If you get limited results from a search, change the order of the words or limit the search information.

    If you have any further questions or need clarification, please ask.

    Energy audits help provide both important information about the amount of energy being expended from problems and unnecessary equipment, and a blueprint for making changes and keeping up with ways to save energy and money. Energy audits are necessary for many businesses, especially those that are trying to save costs on heating, air conditioning, lighting, and other energy based needs. Applying the information from an energy audit can help lower energy bills by as much as 30% (US Department of Energy,

    The choice to have an energy ...

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